Colossians 2:2 (Workman's Interlinear)

By Jack Eberle

“joining together in love...” “and unto all riches of the full assurance of the understanding.” “unto acknowledgment of the mystery of the God, Christ”

It is sometimes assumed by those not familiar with the Body believer, that he/she is an imperturbable, super-human, stoic person who bears all with infinite patience. That this one may ever experience a down time or sorrow is incomprehensible to the emotional and capricious denizen of this earth. Why should such a one need encouragement, it is thought? The heart of the believer of the mystery runs deep. Often he feels the needs of those around him very strongly. The believer’s heart needs and thrives with encouragement. Our Lord and Head is nurturing our hearts from His Holy Word.

When body believers are assembled, they are congregated in love. Earthly and traditional organizations may join together for one or another project or common purpose. Their gatherings may be happy and their ends met. Common interests sometimes inspire friendship and even more serious associations. Camaraderie is enjoyable and desirable whether over a hobby, cause or religious understanding. In our present age, athletics are a common reason for crowds to convene. It is not the general belief that these groups are joined in love. Here is where the “joining” of the believers of the mystery is unique. It is inconceivable that they be joined in any other manner than the manner of “love”.

And they are joined together “unto all riches of the full assurance of the understanding”. This is not a general understanding of “life” or of any particular facet of life. The riches come with the full assurance of this understanding.

The body believer is enriched in his being. He does not become bigger in stature, financially opulent, or greater in fame. All of these types of enrichment are temporary and physically corruptible. The “understanding” becomes more abundant. The spirit thrives and grows with the knowledge of the mystery.

The body believer is not looking for a nirvana, numbing “experience” as is characteristic of so much of worldly religion. Neither is he settling down to reliance on mundane traditions which are comforting to so many. He has encountered “truth”. He has learned the truth of the mystery hidden from ages and generations. (Col. 1:26). The truth is embodied in Christ Jesus and His Word. It is the understanding of the one body with Christ, the Head. (Col. 1:18) The believers acknowledgment of this truth brings to him ultimate understanding and the attendant expanding growth of his being nurtured by our glorious Head.