En Tois Epouranios #14

By Michael S. Mecikalski

“In The Heaven Far Above All Heavens” #14

Stand fast faithful saints, even though it seems like you are standing alone! Many that we come in contact with “create” their own “god” driven by desires of the flesh & refuse to humble themselves in order that they may know The True God of the Word. Israel “invented” God as they saw fit for Him to be countless times and subsequently went astray. Our God is not the God of ignorance or confusion & knowing (Gr. epignosis) His calling, His adoption, and His will is solid and sure (Eph.1:15-23)!

Questions to always carry in the back of your minds: (i) Where is “Heaven”? (ii) When God created heaven and earth in Gen.1:1 is this speaking of the heaven far above all heavens? (iii) Do the new heaven, the new earth, and the New Jerusalem of Rev.21:1-3 include the heaven far above all heavens? Yes? No? Why or why not? (iv) Is the dispensation of the fullness of times (Eph.1: 10) indicating a “dispensing” that will occur entirely in the future, one that has taken place entirely in the past, or one taking place in the combined past, present, and future time? (v) Is the “heavenly calling” of Heb. 3:1(Hebrews being an “Acts” period book) speaking of the New Jerusalem or the heaven far above all heavens? Why/Why not?

Summoning to mind my previous articles #’s 12 & 13, Rev. 21: 3 states “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men; …” (the word tabernacle here should lead us into searching as to what the tabernacle signified!), and He will dwell with them, and be their God. The author of these articles then stated “restored mankind

will finally be in communion with God.” Let it be known that this adopted son of the Church Which is Christ’s Body does not now nor has ever believed that all mankind, Satan and all fallen spirit beings and the like, will all be saved or restored (please read John 3:12-21, John 3:31-36, I John 1, I John 2:15-23, I John 5:10-21, II Cor.4:3-6, II Cor.6:14-18). I can’t imagine what would give Satan himself, greater delight than to utterly deceive ones into believing that he and his demonic legions have part in the Heavenly Father’s restored, sinless “Kingdom.”

Realizing the fact that it was the evil one himself, who was ultimately the one working feverishly to destroy the “Person” who brought victory over death thru His blood and brought many sons to Glory, our Lord Christ Jesus…devilish madness…think about it!!!

Among other distinctions, we note that the New Jerusalem will be a perfect cube dimensionally (Rev.21:16-18). Gloriously, the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness was a perfect cube (3 walls, length, breath, & height x 10 cubits each; 3 is the number of Divine Completeness; and 10 being the number of The Perfection of Devine Order.