Final Remarks

By Oscar M. Baker

[At the end of the tape containing the message Mr. Baker gave at his wife’s funeral, and which also contains “The Virtuous Woman”, he gave some remarks worth remembering. These are of a most practical nature concerning the walk-life in Christ.]

Now folks, I would like to make some final remarks on this tape. We have given you our thoughts on the first side of this cassette concerning the things that Mae knew and believed, her faith and her faithfulness.

Having lived together for over 62 years; we worked together, we thought together, we prayed together. In fact it was a togetherness all the way through. I’ve sometimes spoken of her as being my better 15/16th, and I’m not joking. I feel that a great part of me is gone. And I hope that is the attitude of husbands and wives who listen to this tape, and who are endeavoring to live a good Christian life!

I have many times marveled at Mae’s perfect poise, her faith, her assurance as she went about her duties, as she studied, or when times of trial came, was there cool and ready to do her part. And that is as it should be, of course.

Now I would like for folks to go over these things we’ve been discussing, especially on the virtuous woman in Prov., and see if we can get ourselves and others to do these things, “that we might be to the praise of His glory.” These things are important in the sight of God. I know there are people who think they can be saved, then do as they please. Well that is true, but they’ve got the cart a little bit before the horse. They’re thinking in fleshly terms, that they can be saved and still do things according to the flesh. You can’t do that! The things that you please to do must be in the spirit. And if you are truly saved, Christ in you and you in Christ, there won’t be any problem. But just as sure as you follow after the things of the flesh, you’re going to have problems with that.

And so in the case of husbands and wives; husbands are to love their wives, and wives are to obey their own husbands (not the priest or preacher or anybody else) that is a close relationship. Remember that Eve was the only woman born from man, taken out of man. And there’s a lot you can say about the relationship there. Adam and Eve were one flesh. And we’re told that today also, that man and wife are one flesh (Eph. 5:31). And Paul has given examples in his writings about one hand not agreeing with the other and so on. Supposing one foot wants to go one way and the other foot the other way? Now that is like husband and wife, they should walk together. I can’t lay it on too thick!

[To be continued in next issue.]