By Oscar M. Baker
>>>>>>>>>>>> The Godhead <<<<<<<<<<<<                       

    Many seem to be confused about the triune God. It is something difficult to explain. But God is manifest by the things He has made and maybe I can explain in a crude way something of the meaning of the trinity.
Water is a chemical combination of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. The chemical formula is H20. It appears in three different states, solid, liquid and gas. The gas is steam, which is invisible. God in His essence is invisible. No man hath seen Him in that aspect at any time. He also appeared as a material being, the son of man. The apostles handled the Word of Truth. Water crystallized is solid. So here was God crystallized so that man might know Him. He could be perceived and felt by the senses of the creature. Water also is a liquid. Oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit poured out upon man. He is also God in another form. There is one God, but He can be spoken of as having three states or manifestations.
It is fitting that we should go to creation to find evidence of the creator It is His handiwork. It is also true that the Creator must limit Himself if He is to reveal Himself to the creature.                                OMB  Oct. 1948