I Therefore...Beseech You

By Oscar M. Baker

Paul is speaking, and yet not Paul, but the words of Christ. Paul says in Eph. 6:20, I am an ambassador. An ambassador of Whom? In the office of a bond slave, he is an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. This word was used in times of an emperor’s legate. So these words of Paul ring with authority.

But if we have been reading the OT and especially about Israel and their law in the wilderness, we may be a bit surprised at this term, beseech. When Jehovah thundered out the law from Siani, it was not with such terms as this. The terms of the law were, this do and live. Why the change? In those days there were convulsions of nature and punishments for breaking the law. The earth swallowed up an entire family. But after Acts 28:18, the law is out of the picture. The Lord is no longer dealing with the stubborn and backsliding people, Israel. In Eph. 4:1 the Lord is talking to His church which is His body and of which He is the Head.

There is no longer a Theocratic kingdom with a King, but a group of Gentiles, not destined for the land flowing with milk and honey. Nor even for the New Jerusalem. But here we find a people, called Gentiles, who are destined for heavenly places, far above all heavens.

No rule today with a rod of iron over Gentiles as there will be on earth some day. No dealing with the nations today, but with individuals from out of the nations who together make up the church which is His body. And He beseeches them to do something. No longer, Thou shalt...though shalt not. We have grace, not law.

Israel were commanded to walk worthy of their calling and there were penalties. But the church is to walk worthy of its calling. This calling is set out in Eph chapters 1-3. Look it over.

This word beseech governs the rest of the epistle, chapters 4-6. And walk is found in all these chapters. It is anticipated by its use in chapter two, verse ten. We are told that each member of this body is a new creation, created unto good works which were before ordained that each should walk in them. This lays the ground. And in the practical section the Lord beseeches each member to walk worthy of the calling by walking in those good works. A real responsibility.

Walk is also found in Eph 4:17 with the admonition walk not as other Gentiles walk. Our walk

is the outcome of the one new man and his creation. Not as others of the old creation walk. This is something new.

Now briefly the outline of the walk:

1. Walk in Love. Eph 5:2. The application is for husbands and wives. Eph 5:22-33.

2. Walk as Children of Light. Eph 5:8. Applies to parents and children. Eph 6:1-4.

3. Walk Circumspectly. Eph 5:15. In regard to servants and masters. Eph 6:5-9.  

Here is a study outline that many can spend hours on. Try it as a prescription.

(Reprinted from TFT vol. 30, no. 11)