By Jack Eberle

The Scripture that is often used by believers to confirm their trust in His Holy Word is II Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”.

Here is the exact rendering of God’s Word without any intention of trying to improve upon His blessed statements:

"Every Scripture has been breathed – God and profitable toward teaching, toward conviction, toward correction, toward discipline, which in righteousness – that the man of God may be complete toward every good work fully fitted."

We chose the word "toward" for pros since the words going along with the prepositions are all accu­satives and the translation of pros with the accusative is "toward". The "translators-interpreters" thought to improve on God’s Word by suggesting He should have used the preposition "for" which would have been gar. How much difference there is in the meaning lies in the responsibility of the believer to be true to His Word.

There seems to be four teachings in this passage:

a. The Scripture is God breathed.

b. It is profitable for four life-forming functions – in righteousness.

c. The object is the completion of the man of God.

d. The further object is that he will be able to tackle every "good work" "fully fitted".

The words theos and pneustos considered separately would then be GOD and HAS BEEN BREATHED. Since "every Scripture" is the subject, it is easy to understand that "Every Scripture has been breathed". Yet, we know that God cannot have been breathed. Therefore, the most accurate rendering is "Every Scripture has been breathed – God."

There are two ways this can be interpreted:

1. It is necessary to insert the word "By" to say that every Scripture has been breathed "by God". Yet, this is unnecessary since the word grapheis already understood to be authoritative Word of God. We also risk "adding " to God’s Word.

2. "Every Scripture has been breathed – God" should be regarded as a statement of emphasis with the name of God pounding home the point. God’s "Make no mistake about it!"

This is the prime truth for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. We find our hope, calling, election, inheritance, standing before God all resting upon what God has written. Also, the Headship of Christ rests solidly on The Holy Inbreathed Scriptures!! I believe it! Do you?