Is Time Running Out?


By George Feldman

From time to time as we view the world news and to consider it in the light of Bible prophecy, we naturally wonder how long the present course of things will continue before God intervenes in human affairs.

Suggested above in the picture are two kinds of timepieces which we will use symbolically. First of all let us look at the hourglass. Here we have:

1. The Gentile and the Jew. The Gentile is on the top, so to speak, while the Jew is on the bottom. In the O.T., especially in the book of Deuteronomy, the nation of Israel was warned that if they disobeyed they would be scattered among the nations and be few in numbers; they would be the tail and not the head. Acts 28 records the announcement of this sad plight, and the greatest LO-AMMI (NOT MY PEOPLE, Hosea 1:9) period began for Israel.

The Gentiles have had about 2,000 years of opportunity since the setting aside of Israel. Israel was also on the scene for close to the same time. Before Abraham the nations had close to 2,000 years of opportunity before getting set aside. So according to the 6,000 years of human history teaching, man's day is close to its end, and the Sabbatical year, the millennium, may be just around the corner.

The other timepiece suggested above in the picture is more common to us. Prophetic teachers call it:

2. The Prophetic Clock. It stopped running when Israel was set aside. Since that time all prophecy as regards Israel and the nations has also stopped, even though a nation called Israel has been established in the Holy Land. The clock is still stopped, but it seems the world stage is being set and the end times are very close.

As we anticipate the development of the end times we naturally wonder what our response should be now. I find in it a third topic:

3. The Challenge. Make the best possible use of time. In Eph. 5:16 and Col. 4:5 we are told to REDEEM THE TIME, and WALK IN WISDOM TOWARD THEM THAT ARE WITHOUT. Even though Eph. 3:9 should be our first concern, yet wise and well-timed remarks can be made to the unsaved about the essential truths of John 3:16 if we pray for these occasion. Try it! I know it works!

(Reprinted from TFT Vol. 18, No. 3, 1965)