My Gratitude

By Joseph L. Watkins

The joy and rejoicing in Christ Jesus does not rest in the happiness of man. “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice” Phil. 4:4.

Yes, the happiness of man is never the concern of God, it is the joy of heart that He has always in view. Our happiness rests in what is now happen­ing all around us.

It is my earnest desire to express our most deeply felt gratitude, if I can, and I truly know that such as I, with just human words, such as thank you, thank you, thank all and each one of you. All of the wonderful prayers of the saints, the many, many words of encouragement in each card, the beautiful flowers, the nice fruit baskets, oh yes, it has just been grace upon grace, and upon grace. This has been our joy and experience. Day after day over these past months, never in my 50 years of being a child of God have I had such grace poured out upon myself.

Now, please, do not misunderstand me. I do not ever wish to need to endure such again, nor that should any one ever have to pass through such days. However, this experience, and knowing the very presence of the Lord each day has truly been grace upon grace. So many have proven to be so kind to me, oh what joy I have known, and I want to share this with you.

One day a new student nurse was put with me. I soon learned she was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we talked together of Him and His love to us. She was from another city and needed to leave in the mid-afternoon, and laid me down before she left. I had lain there for about 20 minutes or so when the warm, sweet presence of the Spirit came to me and gave me the assurance that all was going to be all right for and with me. Oh yes, my Lord is real to me, and He can be to you.

One day I was talking with another young nurse concerning the divine law of Right Division. A few days later I was visiting with my roommate in the Word, I was in my wheelchair next to his bed, when this same nurse came into us and asked that we pray with her. Oh, what a great time we had in the Lord and in prayer. It has just been grace upon grace. I can not say these days have been happy days, but each one is filled with Joy and Rejoicing of life in the Lord Christ Jesus.