New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 
This is an updated and revised volume by Jerome H. Smith.  The original edition which appeared around 1836, was developed from the Rev. Thomas Scott's "Commentary".  In 1955, Mr. Smith acquired a copy of the "Treasury".  Since that time, he has been painstakingly adding, editing, and expanding this work in order to bring us the "New Treasury". "The most significant feature of this book is its nearly exhaustive collection of cross-references," says Mr. Smith.

A cross-reference differs from all other study books in that it offers references to the same thought, theme or doctrine, not merely just the same word.  We could use a concordance for that purpose.  With a cross-reference, you have at a glance many related verses in one location.  This allows us to compare Scripture with Scripture.  This system may at first appear cumbersome to those of us who are used to reading the entire verse and then stopping to look for notes.  In the "Treasury", the original words in a verse are printed in bold typeface, and the important cross-references follow afterward in regular print.  An example of how a verse might appear is II Tim. 1:7, "For God hath not given us a Spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  (Only part of the verse is used). 
      the spirit.    Ac *20:24.    21:13. 
                         Ro *8:15.  He 2:15.  I J *4:18. 
      but.  Mi *3:8.  Zo *4:6.  Lk 10:19. 
              Lk *24:49.  Acl:8. 6:8. 9:22. *10:38. 
              I C *2:4. 
      of love.   Ro *5:5.     Ga *5:22. 
                    Col. 1:8.     1 P *1:22. 
      a sound.  Ps*119:80.  Pr*2:7. *8:14. 
                     Lk *8:35.    *15:17.    Ac *26:11, 25. 
                     2 C 5:13,14.

Mr. Smith has devised his own set of symbols that appear in the margins and the text.  They are explained in the book and also appear on the jacket cover under "Key to Symbols".  The "*" symbol is used often to signify an especially clear reference according to Mr. Smith' s interpretation.

We have found that there are some references that are keyed to the Companion Bible and E.W. Bullinger's Figures of Speech Used in the Bible.  These are marked as CB and f, respectively.  In the back of the book we also have indexes on Subjects, Prayers, Proverbs, Topic Numbers and Names.

Mr. Smith has added more than one hundred thousand new cross-references to the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.  With his unique system of markings, the Word of God can be easily compared and understood.