Past Provision For Us

By Oscar M. Baker

Ephesians 1:3-1

    1. He blessed us.  Not with earthly and carnal blessings, but with every blessing that is spiritual.  All we have to do is to claim them and take them, even as Israel was to take the land.  These blessings are in heavenly places - not in Abraham, but in Christ.  We appropriate them by faith.

    2. He chose us.  Israel were a chosen people.  But they were chosen for a kingdom purposed since the foundation of the world.  We have a choosing from before the foundation of the world.  The kingdom has its place of blessing on earth, the church has its place of blessing in the heavens.  So we see that   these two chosen groups in no way clash with each other as to place, nor do they in time.  We are chosen to be a holy people.

    3. He predestinated us.  This has a special application - it is for adoption, a placing as sons. Therefore we become a firstborn.   Israel were also a firstborn, but the two do not clash as to time and place.  Bounds have been set and the divisions made so that there is no confusion in the workings of God.  He has made this adoption for the simple reason that it was in accord with the good pleasure of His will - He wanted to do it.

    4. He made us accepted.  This acceptance is highly favored in Christ.  Being in Him and clothed with His righteousness, we can understand how that this can come about.  It is not by any worth of our own.  He took our sins upon Himself and gave to us His righteousness.  Our sins were imputed to Him, and His  righteousness imputed to us.  Who would want a better trade?  We cannot boast of our acceptance of Him, but we can boast of His acceptance of us, unworthy as we were and undeserving.

    5. He caused the riches of His grace to abound toward us.  This comes as a result of the redemption through His blood, and even the forgiveness of sins.  We will never be able to fathom the riches of His grace.  But we do understand a little of the great price that was paid for our redemption and can see that salvation must be free since it cost so much.  Abounded means full and overflowing.

    6. He has made known a great mystery to us.  In all wisdom and prudence, He has seen fit to reveal to us the mystery of His will, to wit, that all things in heaven and in earth have been headed up in Christ, made one.  This is according to His good pleasure because of the obedience of the Son and His exaltation above all things in creation.  When the earth purpose was set aside because of the failure of Israel, then was the fulness of times in the which the King of kings was made Head of all things in the universe.

    7. He purposed for us.  It is revealed that God had a plan or purpose which is called here a counsel.  It was the expression of His will.  And it is for the purpose of us being to the praise of His glory.  This is not according to what we have done but according to what the Head has done.  Trusting in Christ makes it available to us.  Not what we do, but what Christ does through us is pleasing to God.

(Reprinted from Truth For Today, Vol. 20, No. 11)