RD 101 - Christ Rightly Divides

By Jack Eberle

As long as there are knaves and fools in the world, Christ’s body-members will regard the Word as “precious” and “powerful”. Christ, our Head, has set us the great example in Luke 4:14-21. Early in the chapter the chief knave of all time had been froward enough to challenge our Lord in the Blessed Word. This horrendous, ungrateful being has not accepted the fear of almighty God even as many of his froward followers have not.

While he “used” the Word of God for his own ends, Christ soundly defeated him with the Word “rightly divided”.

Following this towering victory, Christ went into a synagogue and was asked to read from the Word. He chose for His selection a portion from Isaiah 61. Turn there (to Luke 4) and then to Isaiah. You will notice that Christ read, “To preach the acceptable year of the Lord…”and then stopped. Verse 20 reads, “…He closed the book…”

The reaction of the listeners was typically indicative. What reaction do you receive today, Pastor,Teacher, when you try to proclaim the Word rightly divided? Is it really much different?

The TRUTH of the reading was not nearly as important as the breaking of tradition. “The eyes of all them…were fastened on Him.” No doubt they were thinking, “What does this mean?”

Should any of them have looked at the following words of Isaiah, they might have had more important questions. Certainly this would have been the case, but Jesus has told them what He is going to speak to them of.

The key words are, “ THIS DAY”, and then “…is this Scripture fulfilled in your ears.” Christ is concerned with teaching them of the truth before them. He spoke to them of the truths surrounding “the acceptable year of the Lord.”

“The day of vengeance” was future and could not be understood until they first understood the truths of “This Day”. Christ was endeavoring to show that “this day” THE ANOINTED ONE was in their midst. Therefore, it was vital to them to understand this prophecy of Isaiah in relation to Him.

“Truth for Today” endeavors to bring the truth of the mystery – “The Body of Christ” to believers of today. Right division of the Scriptures is necessary to make this clear.

The reactions to “Truth” are to be expected. Tradition is often the foe of truth. If we are to be directed by our Head, we will have to be “workmen” in His precious Word, diligently seeking His approval as we labor. Christ set a prime example for us in Luke 4.