RD 101 - Healing

By Jack Eberle

Many are confused today about God’s healing. Some say there is no “divine” healing today. The simple answer to the question is that God can and does heal whomever He wishes according to His plan of the ages. It does not behoove we body members to question His decision today on healing as on any other matter. But what is His plan? Does He use doctors and/or healers? Once again, He can use any means any time He wishes. The Scriptures give us information of His plan for our dispensation. Did God’s plan change?

As we read Mark 16 and various scriptures in the book of Acts, there is no question that healing had been done by the power of God at the hands of the apostles. As we look at Acts 19:11-12, we see that “…God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul.” Verse 12 speaks of Him using handkerchiefs and aprons to heal people. He also chased “evil spirits” from people. Even as late as Acts 28:8, we find Paul shaking off the viper and healing Publius’s father. Yet, Paul left behind one of his most trusted fellow workers, sick. (II Tim. 4:20) Why didn’t he heal him? Remember, the reason for the “sign gifts”? They were to be God’s testimonial of Jesus as “The Christ”, “The Messiah” prophesied through the ages of the Jewish past. In Philippians 2:25-27, we see that Epaphroditus, one of Paul’s most dependable fellow-servants was “sick, nigh unto death. But God had mercy on him!” Paul didn’t seek to heal him, but it is stated that “God had mercy on him.” Paul, evidently, no longer had power to heal, even his closest companions. Read II Tim. 4:11. Here we find Luke, the physician is with Paul.

Once again, we find in Colossians 4:14 that Luke, is with Paul. Why did he need a physician if he could still heal? Notice I Tim.5:23 where Paul counsels, “…a little wine for the stomach..” Does this sound like someone who still had power to heal? When God dismissed His people in Acts 28:28, there was no longer need for “the sign gifts”. He was no longer offering the Jews the Kingdom. He will bring them back at a future time – but only the remnant, or “the true believers” among them. They will inherit the kingdom He has for them. The key to our present age is the verse Ephesians 3:9. Paul wrote seven epistles to the Church who is his body. These are not Jew or Gentile, but those who received His gospel of the mystery, Eph 3:9. The letters of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, I and II Timothy and Titus reveal this mystery. These letters speak to His people who are His body. The Jews are no longer His people. Neither Jewish nor any other nationality is favored here. God’s plan for our day had been a mystery, which is now revealed.