RD 101 - Inspiration #3

By Jack Eberle

Even though this is our third lesson, we will not begin to cover this understanding. However, we will finish our study on this topic with this lesson.

A man named Gaussen made classic wisdom with the following three points: 1) A man prophesied without foreseeing. As you read I Kings 13:20-22, you see that the prophet addressing the disobedient prophet spoke from his own table and was told by The Lord what would happen. Certainly, enough of the prophecy was fulfilled. The man’s body was not buried in the sepulcher of his fathers (v.22). The other prophet brought him back to his own place and buried him. A lion had slain him upon the road. The lion stood by the carcass with the disobedient prophet’s ass until the other prophet came for him and took him back to his own place. Doubtless this second prophet was very surprised by this unusual outcome of the first prophet’s disobedience. He did not foresee these results.

2.) Caiaphas, a high priest of Israel, spoke in his capacity as a priest. See John 11:50-51. God put the message in Caiaphas’s mind as the high priest. Notice vs. 51. “And this spake he not of himself…” The man was prophesying but did not reason these matters from his own intelligence. God put the words in his mind and lips. He spoke what he knew not. We do not know what the disposition of Caiaphas was towards Christ. The man did not have to like his message. He didn’t have to understand it. He didn’t even have to believe it. Certainly, if he were an unbeliever, he would not believe God’s Word which came from his own mouth. He was the official high priest of God’s chosen nation. God wanted this message coming from his lips. Read verses 53 and 57. From this time on the rulers and chief priests “took counsel together for to put Him to death”.

3.) The story of Balaam is a long one encompassing two chapters of Scripture, Numbers 23-24. Most will remember the story. Balaam did not want to deliver God’s Word. He did not like the way it turned out. Doubtless he was humiliated when the donkey revolted against him. But God was nonetheless displeased that this man resisted His will and Word. Balaam spoke God’s words without liking what he said. Read II Tim. 3:16 again. Notice that “AllScripture is given by inspiration of God” (God’s breath), and (it) isprofitable…

There is no possibility of human error creeping into the original. It is not the MEN who are inspired, but The Words they wrote.

Welch said, “It is not composition, but dictation.”

All scripture is given by inspiration of God…” (II Tim. 3:16).