RD 101 - Right Division

By Jack Eberle

Some of you may never have heard the term “Right Division”. In this and succeeding lessons, as God leads, we will try to make clear to you just what “Right Division” is.

The term comes from God's own Word. He is telling us how to please God and learn The Holy Scriptures. Truly there is no better way to please God than to work in His Word.

Note the reference, II Timothy 2:15. The Greek word, spoudason, actually means “be diligent”. This is a work-related word indicating that you will need to “work” to please Him. He will not be pleased by the idle or lethargic workman. One who desires to please Him, thus, will have to be determined to WORK in His Word. Yet he will not be dokomon (approved) unto God unless he is seriously seeking God's truth.

We will not please God to try to use The Word as a proof or “law” book to satisfy “carnal” motives (Rom. 8:7-8). We should strive to have 100% approval of Our Lord. This has little to do with other people's approval. We must have the narrow, focused desire to PLEASE Him totally.

The word “dokimon” has the connotation of testing or assaying as used some times in the metal industry. The next word is parastaysai, meaning to “show” or stand beside. The workman in The Word will stand solidly beside His Lord and Saviour. He will not countenance any poor or weak words spoken of His Lord. II Timothy 4:17 gives the feel of this loyalty.

A principle way of pleasing Him is orthotomounta. God is pleased when His saved one tries to “rightly” ortho, temnos  “cut”, or “straightly cut” His Holy Word. This indicates that He is working to understand what God has written for him to know.

Cf. Proverbs 3:5-6. When “the workman” in The Word “straightly cuts” The Word, he will not have to be embarrassed later on. Perhaps this will not occur in his lifetime, but better if it did. Certainly none of His heart workers wish to be embarrassed face-to-face with His Lord.

How great, rather to hear words commending your work in The Word from The Saviour and Lord Himself. The workman should understand that he is working with “truth”. What greater privilege could he have? Yet, he will have to be more concerned with the glorious truth of His precious Word than with the approval of his fellows on this earth, whatever positions they may occupy

It is well to understand that II Timothy was the last portion of Scripture written. It is designed for the worker in His Word today. In the pages of Scripture, we read of those who have erred from His Word, but joy will accompany His “well done”.