RD 101 - Lesson #57 - One Body

By Jack Eberle

    The first thing to understand about this simple Bible truth is that this one body exists now. Yes, there may be a sense in which some folks may earnestly believe that they are actually building this ONE body spoken of in His Holy Word.  The plain fact is that God, Himself, is and has been building His ONE BODY since and before this revelation to Paul and us through Ephesians 3:9.  If you want to know more information, you will want to work in His epistle of Ephesians.  In fact, this is not a bad place to start for anyone who truly wants to know the truth.
     Of course, there could be said to be two problems with this truth, at least in the eyes of some.  One is that people will not understand, or they will not be interested in anything this simplistically sounding.  Actually, God is not interested in clouding truths but is interested that even the simplest of us could understand His Word.  This was the problem of the Gnostics of Bible times as referred to in Colossians, et al.  But here it is again!  There IS – right now – as we write, ONE BODY.  Mighty!  God said it. You can believe it!  He created it Himself through
God, the Son’s work, on the Cross.
Folks talk a lot about “unity”, and “building His kingdom and His church”.  If there is any building done, He is doing it.  You only need to read and believe Ephesians 4 to know the truth of this.
Our part, if we are in His body, and have a part, is found in Eph. 4:3.  We should work (No. Be diligent!) to keep the unity which God, Himself has made.
    Let me hasten to warn you that this is not an all for unity appeal that worldly people use to pass off their schemes. The so-called ecumenical movement comes to mind. This movement may have begun well intentioned. However, it was soon found to be unbiblical and ignorant of the truth of “The Mystery”.  Not only do the Scriptures state the facts unequivocally here but also give many facts as to this ONE body. If you traffic in worldly “religious” circles, you will not find a true understanding of these truths.  Verses 3-7 give the essence of this unity.  Do not be mistaken!  God created this unity and body just as surely as He created this earth and universe.  Of course Satan doesn’t like this.  Dr. Bob Jones used to say that Satan has tried to copy what God has made, but is only a good counterfeiter at best.  Satan couldn’t create one bunny or daisy.  Therefore, unsaved and unscriptural movements will never be substitutes for HIS ONE BODY.  Further, this body is not bound by brick and mortar, meeting halls or the machinations of mankind.  His body and His people will seek their leadership from the Head.  Colossians 2:19.  His body has His Book and Christ, the Head.