RD 101 - Lesson #61 - The Good Faith

by Jack Eberle
    “Combat the good combat of the faith, lay hold upon the age life, unto which you were sealed and confessed the good confession before the face of many witnesses” (I Timothy 6:12 WI). Paul did as he advised.
“I have fought the good combat. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith” (I Timothy 4:7 WI). We have used the best text we believe to be available. Our words are not modified to please any particular mode of thinking. Just the truth, folks.
    On the outset these seem to be simple statements. “Keeping the faith” may sound simple, but when it fits into life’s daily circumstances, the simplest things can    become complicated. One only has to read of Paul’s traveling around the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, and envision yourself there with him, as much as your understanding will let you. Remember, Paul was not much of a beggar. While he had been helped on various occasions and was always grateful to the human agents of God’s working, yet he and all His understood that God was in charge directing the tour of faith, which was Paul’s appointed task. He was humble to his Lord yet would stand in the face of Satan’s might against him. Paul was acutely aware with whom he struggled daily. (See I Timothy 5:15).
Paul’s was not the mission many would attempt. Times have not changed. Satan still prowls, opposing those who are committed. (I Peter 5:8). It may seem to be idyllic to live the life of commitment. But commitment to what? More accurately, commitment to Whom? We do not serve a clientele but a Savior and Lord! His workers, His laborers, His saved ones need to know Him well, too well to be tempted by Satan’s wiles and schemes. While Satan’s mission is destruction, our Lord would lead us as Lord and Head. Holding the Headship of Christ is central and implicit in effective service for His glory. (See Colossians 2:10, 18 & 19.
In current times, we are schooled or accustomed to consider abilities, proclivities, talents, perhaps psychological penchants before deciding that we can do theses jobs or fill these penchants. We see none of that in Scriptures. Somehow, simply under the direction of God through His Spirit, Paul, and yes you and I, must know God’s will and go forth to do as He is directing us to “go”!
    If you would live your life for the Savior, perhaps a modern day Paul, would you commit yourself in your given station on earth? Would you follow the path He mapped out for you and make His book your guide? The Holy Spirit will be your Teacher. (Ephesians 4:30, Philippians 4:4)