A Prayer For Us Today

By Oscar M. Baker

Although the prayer in Ephesians 1 is for the saints and faithful at Ephesus, nevertheless it is applicable to such folks today.  In 1:17 we note that the first thing necessary is that we have the gift of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ.  Trying to learn about the mystery without learning Christ is about as foolish as some who want the kingdom without the King.  The mystery of Christ can never be fully known without a grasp of the dispensation of the mystery.  Neither can the dispensation of the mystery be known without a full revelation of the mystery of Christ.  Study these two mysteries in 3:1-6.

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Things Most Surely Believed As To - Redemption 6

By Joseph L. Watkins

Redemption, from man's point of view, has his resurrection to life in view. Redemption of His man from The Creator's point of view has His Age Purpose in view.

The man Adam was created in the likeness of God's Image, Christ Jesus. The sons of Adam are made in the likeness of Adam with a view to being created anew in Christ Jesus, with a view to being - The Image.

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