Christ the Man of Prayer #2

By Oscar M. Baker

Luke 3:21-22. "...Jesus also being baptized,and praying..." A lot of people go over these verses and never notice that He was praying there when baptized.

Mark 1:35. "...rising up a great while before dawn...prayed." Notice that! And read verse 34. He would never allow demons or the devil to bear testimony of Him. Now compare Ph'p. 2:10. These that bow the knee will do it willingly, and the devil and demons will not be among them.

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The Word of Truth for Today 26

By Joseph L. Watkins

Yes, we are attempting to identify and share with our readers what we understand and believe to be "The Divine Word of Truth - For Today," or this present age of God's workings which started in Acts 28:30-31 at the city of Rome, Italy, in the hired house that the Apostle Paul was occupying; he being one of only two Divinely Commissioned men of that age, John the Beloved, having been the other dispenser of "Truth For Today," even that one life-bringing message for this age, that is treasured up in the Gospel of John the Beloved.

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