Names of Christ in Paul's Post-Acts Epistles #2

By Oscar M. Baker

Col. 1:15. "Who is the Image of the invisible God." Also spoken of as the "express image" which narrows it down even more.

Col. 2:9. "The fulness of the Godhead." Another title for Him. That is what He was. "Fulness" is used in different ways. It can mean being full of, and so Christ in all respects, in all details, was God; but bodily, whereas God (the Father) is Spirit. Now there is a difference.

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En Tois Epouranios #2

By Michael S. Mecikalski

In our last article we discussed the significant Greek phrase En tois epouranios, "IN THE HEAVEN ABOVE ALL HEAVENS;" used by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul, found only five times in all of New Testament Scriptures and found only in the epistle of Ephesians (1:3,1:20,2:6, 3:10, 6:12).

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