By Oscar M. Baker

"Zealous of good works" (2: 14). A mark of a peculiar people. "Rebuke with all authority" (2:15). I hate to rebuke anybody. I haven't done very much of that. I don't like to be rebuked, do you? But when Titus is over bishops, deacons and so on, there's going to have to be a little of that to put folks in line. We're not exercising authority today, really. I'm not in the business of rebuking folks. I seldom do and if I do, I try to be positive rather than finding fault and maybe suggest there's a better way. I want to be helpful. I don't want to put anyone down. I want everyone who names the name of Christ to have a witness of some kind. And we can't be in the business of putting folks down and spoil their witness, what little they have might grow! I've known a lot of people who started out very weak sometimes we call it "on the wrong foot" and they turned out just fine! I'm so glad that I was friendly, and that I did try to help a little and didn't oppose.

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