Points of Right Division

By Oscar M. Baker

When you start to study any portion of Scripture, always look at ‘the address on the envelope’ [referring to whom it is written]. Oh, that will help tremendously in finding out whether a portion is particularly for you or for somebody else. Now, that is one of the first things to do when you’re opening your Bible for study.

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RD 101 - When and Where

By Jack Eberle

The truth of the mystery is found only in Paul’s seven later epistles. Paul was in prison part of these times. Some say “all”. These epistles are written after the events of Acts 28:28. This juncture is often called “the great divide”. This indicates when Paul was given the commission of Eph. 3:9. It is important to understand that the truth proclaimed from this commission forward had not been prophesied or known before this time. It was “hidden in God”. Even the greatly intelligent Satan had no inkling of this purpose or plan of God. Further, the message was directed to gentiles. No longer did Paul enter into the synagogues first. Jewish people could enjoy the blessing of body membership on the same basis as Gentile believers. Read Eph. 3:5-9.

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