RD 101 - Kingdom of Heaven

By Jack Eberle

For a subject this important and grand, we can only expect our toe in the door. But patiently, we will try to get us off to a good start. We are not concerned with men’s opinions or philosophies here – only with The Word. The Scriptures’ word in the Greek is BASILEIA which basically indicates “sovereignty”.

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Tape Gems - The Godhead

By Oscar M. Baker

For those who have trouble with the Godhead, the Lord told His disciples that He could lay down His life and take it up again (John 10:18). And He did! And it tells you here in Acts 2:24 that God raised Him from the dead, “Whom God hath raised up…”. Now how are you going to put that together; if the Lord Jesus Christ wasn’t God, then you’ve got a problem. It says in the very first of John’s Gospel that, “In the beginning was the Word…”, and further down, He created all things, and further, the Word became flesh. [T.F.T. tape, 6-15-86, Acts Series #1.]

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