News & Notes - March 2017

TRUTH FOR TODAY is published six times a year and mailed free to anyone, anywhere, upon request - write for it. Our mailing address: Truth For Today, Inc., 3450 South St. #6358, Lafayette, IN 47905-3700.  Contact us by phone at (864) 638-8780 or via the Internet at our website:

As always, we want to say THANK YOU for your continued financial support and prayers for this ministry. Since 1948, our readers have faithfully supplied our every need with their loving generosity. We want to express our gratitude and insure you that all your support allows us to sell books at cost and continue to operate the business affairs of Truth For Today, Inc. No one in the ministry is financially compensated for their time.


The ministry has been based in Lafayette, Indiana since 1987. Prior to that, it was in Warsaw, Indiana in the home of the founder, Oscar M. Baker. The Saints in West Union, SC, led by Ron & Lori McCurry, will be assuming all operations, including book sales, publication of the newsletter, and annual conferences. The fellowship building in Lafayette has been sold. Book sales will continue from Lafayette until the new building in S.C. is remodeled and set-up is complete. Therefore, the annual conference will be held at the community club in West Union, SC, more information below. PLEASE NOTE the phone number for the ministry has changed. Mailings will still come to Indiana for now. Please keep us in your prayers and grant us patience as we work thru the transition and all that it entails.

*******CONFERENCE NEWS*******

SOUTH CAROLINA: The 2017 Truth For Today conference will be held in West Union, S.C. June 2-4, 2017 at the Ebenezer Community Club, located at 1110 Ebenezer Rd., West Union, SC29696. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Quality Inn in Seneca, SC. The hotel address is 226 Hi-Tech Rd. Call 864-888-8300 to reserve your room. Be sure to mention Truth For Today Conference to receive the group room rate. Room options include: 2 Queen beds or 1 King bed.
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