News & Notes - November 2016

November 2016

 TRUTH FOR TODAY is published six times a year and mailed free to anyone, anywhere, upon request - write for it. Our mailing address: Truth For Today, Inc., 3450 South St. #6358, Lafayette, IN 47905-3700.  Contact us by phone at 765-742-2958, or via the Internet at our website:

We want to say THANK YOU for your continued financial support and prayers for this ministry. Since 1948, our readers have faithfully supplied our every need with their loving generosity. We want to express our gratitude and insure you that all your support allows us to sell books at cost and continue to operate the business affairs of Truth For Today, Inc. No one in the ministry is financially compensated for their time.

SOUTH CAROLINA: The next conference will be in West Union, SC. The date and details are as yet to be determined.

ONLINE BIBLE DISCUSSION – Interested in Bible Study via an internet chat room?  Join us on, in the following rooms: Tuesday evenings: (Musterion Truth Bible Study) 8:15 PM EST, 7:15 CST & 6:15 MST;  Sunday mornings: (Carolina Bible Group Bible Study) with Ronnie McCurry at 11:15 EST, & Wednesday evenings with Cecil McCurry at 8:15 PM EST each week.

 PALTALK is a free service. It must be downloaded to your computer. Enter in your browser, then follow this path: browse rooms-- Religion and Spirituality-- Christianity-- Musterion Truth Bible Study  or  Carolina Bible Group Bible Study depending on which study you want to attend.

Please note our new mailing address below. The fellowship has not moved. The post office has assigned a new address that includes the street address of the post office in addition to the PO Box number.

 Truth for Today, Inc.
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