RD 101 Lesson

By Jack Eberle

Though by no means do I profess to know about all the Bible schools and seminaries now in operation, yet as a seeker and teacher of truth for some fifty years, it would seem that I could reasonably make this statement: I have never heard of a Bible school or seminary which taught a course named RD 101, i.e., Rightly Dividing 101, or for that matter, anything comparable. By making this statement, I don’t wish to denigrate the worthwhile efforts and accomplishments of any of these schools. God must be the judge of that. Would it not be sensible to begin at the beginning and teach the serious student RD101?

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En Tois Epouranios #19

By Michael S. Mecikalski

In the Heaven Far Above All Heavens #19

Greetings faithful saints; note: in the last article #18, the reference on line 20 of paragraph 2 should have been Ezekiel (Eze.) 28:12-19. Sorry.

My wife & I want to sincerely thank all of you who prayed & “supplicated” concerning the 1st annual Boscobel Bible Conference (the BBC). The men of God who spoke did an exceedingly great job and their words were received with a “spirit” of love, meekness, sincerity, honor, & joy. 

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