Tape Gems

By Oscar M. Baker

[The following excerpts are from Mr. Baker’s Tuesday night Bible Study tapes.]


“I exhort therefore”, this is important, “…prayers, intercessions…for all men; For kings…”. Are we to pray, make intercessions for the President of the United  States? People will say that’s getting politics into your religion. Paul didn’t hesitate to, did he? That’s the trouble with politics, doesn’t have any Christianity in it. It didn’t in Paul’s time – the Roman government was running things – and still Paul said to pray for kings! I wonder why? Was it that the country might improve, the world get to be a better place; did Paul ever say that? No, that wasn’t his purpose. Just that we might lead peaceful and acceptable lives, that’s all! And so it’s all right to pray for the government, that things might be run smoothly, so we can go our way and lead a peaceable life – perfectly alright. Now we don’t have to be particular on that, we might pick out the wrong thing. You see we don’t know how to run the government anymore than the President does. I know a lot of people in their prayers act like they could run the whole Universe. And they’ll pray for a long, long time, and go clear around and come back again right where they started. No, we don’t have to pray for any particular actions on the part of our President, governors, and so forth. Just pray that God will lead them, that they’ll let God lead them in the right ways, and let it go at that. Let God make the decisions. And you know that’s a pretty good way to pray in our own lives. God is a great Giver you know! Well, Paul tells it here in 1 Timothy 2:1 & 2, “For kings, for all that are in authority;…”Now here it is, “…that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life…”. Get that now, and don’t just stop there, “that we may leada quiet and peaceable life IN ALL GODLINESS AND HONESTY.” [T.F.T. tape 11-23-82.]

The Theater of the Universe

The earth has been called the theater of the Universe as God is working out His plan of redemption here for all His creation. This great Mystery which completes the Word of God and the knowledge of Christ, is at the heart of God’s redemptive plan. It was in the mind of God before there was a need for it. It elevates Christ to His highest position in Scripture. Israel knew Him as King, but we, members of the church which is Christ’s body, know Him as Head of a new creation, “…both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him.” Eph. 1:10. [T.F.T. tape 8-31-86.]

A Great Need

Ephesians & 17, in this day it is A GREAT NEED! When strengthened in this way we can comprehend the revelation that really matters. [T.F.T. tape 9-16-80.]