Tape Gems - Moses

By Oscar M. Baker

Moses was a very meek fellow, just once he let his temper get away from him. That was at the very last when the 40 years were over, and they pressed him a little too far. Of course, remember at that time he was 120 years old; what do you expect of a man 120 years old? He stood 40 years of their bad manners in the wilderness (that God had stood too) and gotten along just fine. But that last time he just let go, and of course, the Lord told him immediately that he would not get to enter the Land, and he wouldn’t get to lead Israel into the Land – someone else would get to do that!

Moses today is still a great person, and the Scriptures speak of him as God’s faithful servant (Hebrews 3:5). He was faithful except in that one incident, but he had done a great work, and so he was not put off the honor roll (Hebrews -29) because of one mistake. [T.F.T. tape 12-25-79, “Exodus Series”, Lesson # 8.]

“…we beheld His glory…” (John 1:14). Peter, James, and John saw the glory on the Mt., and this is what he’s talking of here. The Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the symbol of the shekinah glory. It was God dwelling among His people, and it was evidenced by a light, the great light that filled the Holy or Holies. This word shekinah, as we have it in our English, is the word shaken. In the Hebrew it has the meaning of dwell, and also the idea of tabernacle.

1 Timothy tells us that God is light, He is all light (= effulgence). God is unapproachable because of this. No man has seen God at any time, that is, the essence of God.

To the Hebrew mind, the glory was where God was. And if our Lord went up into glory, He went up where God was didn’t He? “…received up into glory” 1Timothy . And if we are to be manifested with Christ in glory, that will be where God is. [T.F.T. tape 1-26-82, “Shekinah”.]

The wisdom of God no doubt included the glory of God. We don’t know the extent of these beings – what would be their thoughts as to the conflict up to now, or even up to the time before Paul revealed the Mystery. It has been said that God didn’t destroy Satan when he rebelled as it might have shown Him unjust. That the glory of God may be exhibited, and may be realized, every doubt and every thought along such a line will have to be erased by the showing of God’s manifold wisdom. This then is what Ephesians is revealing to us.

[T.F.T. tape 10-6-81, “An Ambassador and His Message”. In this series, the excerpt above was taken from the tape entitled, “The Glory of God”.]