Tape Gems - The Godly Life

By Oscar M. Baker

Grace trains us to do everything in reference to God. And this doing every thing in reference to God is the godly life. Living a godly life means that God is constantly in our thoughts. And to live a godly life, of course, cuts one off from the world. Also, it separates one from the careless Christian about him, and there are a lot of careless Christians. If you have an opinion that differs from theirs', it will put up a wall as insurmountable as any you can think of – the wall of China or something like that! And so those who persist and choose to live godly also live lonely. And our Lord was an example of that, how lonesome He was.

Well, the godly life has to do with the world above, not the world that's about us; and so we can keep that in mind. And it teaches us to look for this blessed hope and the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ. And so one of the first things we as believers can do to please God is to let that super abounding grace of His teach us to, “live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:12-13). And the negative side we find in v. 12, “denying ungodliness and worldly lusts.” However, if the believer puts his mind on the positive side, that negative side will pretty well take care of itself, HAVE YOU FOUND THAT TRUE?

[From T.F.T. tape 3-22-83 , Short Study, “What Grace Teaches”, text Titus 2:11-13.]  

Houses for God

Stephen, before going down under a hail of stones said, “The Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands.” But of course, the world hasn't heeded this at all – the Christian world. And they still go on making temples and houses for God! And why? Well, I think it's a little bit more convenient if they can put God somewhere off in a house where He can stay alone and people can come to Him, oh once in a year at Easter, or maybe more often at Christmas. But , He's not wanted in the home, that's the whole thing. The social life, He isn't wanted there, or in business, He has no place there. So a building is made for Him, and it is called THE HOUSE OF GOD, and they just hope He stays there.

[From T.F.T. tape 3-3-83 , Short Study, “Habitation of God”.]

The Mystery is not some creed. It isn't a movement you can join. BUT, IT IS A MATTER OF THE HEART, and growth is a must!

[From T.F.T. tape 8-21-84 , Ephesians Practical Section.]