The Companion Bible


When I was first saved,  I wondered where the teachers of the Word of God found most of their information about the Bible.  The thoughts and truths they would share seemed very deep until I discovered they were using a study help called the Companion Bible.  I decided to invest in one and have grown to love this book because of the helps I've been able to use in preparing lessons I share with others.  Let me give some highlights about this book.

  1. It is called the Companion Bible because it has a wide margin that is intended to be companion to the text, and the whole is designed as the companion to all readers of the Bible.
  2. The text is that of the authorized version of 1611 as published by the revisers in their "Parallel Bible" in 1885.
  3. The wide margins contain valuable notes which are sometimes critical, explanatory or suggestive on subjects of special importance or difficulty.
  4. The Companion Bible has 198 appendixes to further guide the sincere student of the Word.
  5. Dark type in the New Testament emphasizes quotations from the Old Testament.
  6. The margins are also used to bring out the use of figures of speech which are the Holy Spirit's own markings, which call special attention to a thought that is worthy of our deepest consideration.
  7. The spiritual significance of numbers is pointed out when applicable.
  8. The use of structures prove even more that the Scriptures were written in a divine manner.

The one man who is most responsible for the margin notes and the appendixes is Dr. E. W. Bullinger.  Dr. Bullinger lived in Canterbury, England, and began work with the Companion Bible in his later years.  The work was supposed to be in six volumes, but he only completed the first four, the Old Testament.  Others completed the last two, the New Testament.  All of these volumes were finally combined into one book, and appear as the notes and the appendixes in the Companion Bible.

In conclusion, we can think of no other book that will be of more value to the serious student of the Word than the Companion Bible as we try to apply the principle of II Timothy 2:15.

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