Complete Word Study New Testament


The Complete Word Study New Testament by Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D.    This is one of the most useful reference books available for an in-depth study of the New Testament.  We have just begun to appreciate the value of the study of words, and since no one at our fellowship is a Greek scholar, this book has been an excellent resource.

I want to list seven ways that this work can be of value when we try to find the meaning of Greek words:

     1.) Each word in the Greek New Testament is represented by a number in THE GRAMMATICAL CODE section.  This number is printed above the English text.  The number corresponds to the original Greek word in Strong's Dictionary of Greek Testament and the LEXICAL AIDS section.  The grammatical codes identify the forms (case, tense, gender, etc.) of the Greek word and are explained in the STUDY HELPS section.  There is also a bookmark provided that has this same code on it that can be used as a quick reference tool.

    2.) This book contains another tool that can be used to understand the meaning of Greek words, which is the TRANSLATIONAL REFERENCE INDEX.  With this index it is possible to find all the Greek words that a particular English word represents in the King James Version of the New Testament by looking up the number that is keyed to the LEXICAL AIDS section for detailed explanations.

    3.) There is A GREEK CONCORDANCE provided in the Study Helps section that will enable the reader to find the other occurrences of these words in the N.T.

    4.) A SCRIPTURE INDEX is provided and is designed to aid the reader in locating all the Scripture references found in the Footnotes and Introductions.

    5.) There is an INTRODUCTION in the front of each book of the New Testament that covers Bible history, archaeology and customs that are important in understanding the significance of the book in relationship to the whole Bible.

    6.) THE LIST OF IRREGULAR ADVERBS section records the occasions where adverbs function as prepositions.  Where this has occurred in the text, these adverbs have been assigned an "ad*" notation.  It must be remembered that even though these words may play the role of prepositions, they are still classified as adverbs.

    7.) WORD CLUSTERS are groups of three or more adjacent English words which are connected with each other and set off by asterisks between each word in the cluster.

This work gives us an insight and a better understanding of the Greek language.