The Dispensation of the Mystery

By Oscar M. Baker

What the dispensation of the mystery might be is still a mystery to many good folks. The following short explanation is not to teach what it is, for that would be useless. We cannot teach that which must come by revelation. In Matt. 13 the Lord was giving out the mysteries of the kingdom. It was for His disciples to know these things. To others in parables, for it was not for them to know. The dispensation of the mystery has to do with a chosen people. They were chosen for this particular place in Christ before the overthrow. These people are known as nations or Gentiles. The reason for this appellation is that there is no difference in flesh in any respect in this dispensation.

The dispensation of the mystery has to do with a certain sphere. That sphere is not the earth, but the heavenlies. All other dealings before the revelation of the dispensation of the mystery had to do with an earth program and an earthly people, that is, a people that had the hope of future life on the earth. Also their sphere of service was in connection with the peoples of the earth. Not so with the dispensation of the mystery. The sphere of service is to make known the manifold wisdom of God to principalities and powers of the heavenlies. It is also in that sphere that those who endure will also reign with Him.

In the earthly program of Israel, not only was there a division and a difference in the flesh between Israel and the Gentile, but there was also warfare in the flesh and the Canaanite was to be exterminated. Not so with the dispensation of the mystery. There is no warfare or wrestling with flesh and blood. But there is a conflict in the spiritual realm, with spiritual wickedness. No carnal weapons are to be used here.

In the earth sphere Christ will be known as King of kings and Lord of lords. He came as the Messiah of Israel. He will be a Savior to the nations of them that are saved in the new earth. But in relation to the dispensation of the mystery, He is the Head of the church which is His body.

The dispensation of the mystery has no rituals to perform, Sabbaths to keep, or covenants of promise. It has no fathers. It has no law. It has no prescribed place of worship. Not being an earthly people, there are no divisions in the church which is His body; no one set above or over another, but all on an equality. So it is impossible for it to have an earthly organization. It is an organism.

This church has no Head but Christ. It has no authority delegated to it. All authority rests in Him. It cannot open or close its doors to anybody. The members are adopted, placed as sons. No one can join it. No one can boast of his membership for he did nothing to get it. We are His workmanship.

Those who are initiates will understand what is set forth here. Those outside will find that the mystery is still a mystery to them. But if they earnestly seek, they shall find!

(Reprinted from Truth For Today, Vol. 13, No. 11, June 1961.)