The Great Divide


By George Feldman

From the picture above it is evident that a catastrophe has taken place. One train is wrecked and another train, almost from out of nowhere, is continuing in its place. Between the two lines there is a breach, or a great divide.

In the Scriptures there is also a point which could be called The Great Divide, but a better title would probably be The Dispensational Boundary Line. Its location is Acts 28:28. It is not an arbitrary pivotal point, because it can be supported by Scripture. It is also very important that the two great bodies or lines of truth found on either side of this point are not mingled together. When they are, discrepancies and contradictions are created.

We will consider these two sections briefly. The first one will be titled:

1. Heralded by Prophetic Scriptures. This section is placed before Acts 28:28. The principle subject is Israel, from their birth as a nation to their final fall as recorded in Acts 28:28. This final downfall resulted from their unbelief in rejecting Christ their Messiah even in resurrection, as told throughout the Acts period. Satan played a big part in this failure. But he was in for what some have called The Great Surprise, because he figured God's purposes in the earth had been completely ruined. However, God had plans the enemy knew nothing about. This brings us to the next section called:

2. Hid from Ages and Generations. (Col. 1:26). This section is placed after Acts 28:28. The principal subject is a risen, glorified Lord and His Body, in which there is no distinction between Jew and Gentile. The revelation of all this was given by the Lord to one man, the Apostle Paul, while in prison at Rome. The hope of this Body is resurrection for citizenship in heaven and to appear with Him in glory (Ph'p. 3:20;
Col. 3:1-4). The hope of those in the first section is resurrection for citizenship on the earth. Citizens of heaven are not bound by any ordinances or religious observances. For hundreds of years quarrels have erupted over the place of the Law and baptisms causing great hurt and stumbling to many people. Only right division has the cure for such problems as this.

(Reprinted from Truth For Today, Vol. 18, No. 9)