The Indwelling Christ

By Oscar M. Baker

By just leaving one letter out, Christian becomes Christ in. Think on this. Is it true? Paul told the Galatians that he had been especially chosen from birth to reveal God's Son in himself. Is Paul the only one in whom God would reveal His Son? Could this not also apply to all who are His?

Since we are epistles read of all men, it is manifest that we ought to be very careful, for what we do and say is to them what Christ would do and say. For He works with our hands, talks with our tongue, and walks with our feet. So we should be doubly sure that we be careful what we do, what we say, and where we walk.

Paul also said that he was crucified with Christ, dead, but now alive, yet not himself, but Christ living in Him. This was Paul's estimate of true Christian living. And he was humble enough that he did allow Christ to live and work in him, as his life testifies. He was also able to ask others to follow him as an example. Would that we all could say that!

The Lord here on earth gave an example of this too. He said nothing that the Father had not given Him to say, nor did He do anything that the Father had not told Him to do. There was perfect accord between Him and the Father.

And so should the Christian be careful about doing anything on his own, but letting Christ work in him; nor should he say anything but what Christ would say through him. There is a great need for this close walk with Christ in these days. The world does not know where to look for Christ. Those that maintain that they are His are not too interested in manifesting Christ in their flesh. They seek their own things.

In reference to the members of the church in this age we are told that Christ in or among the believers is the hope of glory. Also that believers are being built up into a holy temple in which God can dwell by the Spirit. It might be well for us to ask at times, would Christ do this? Would Christ say this? Would Christ go here? Would Christ even think of these things? Let us examine ourselves.

In his prayer in Ephesians 3, Paul shows that strength is needed for Christ to dwell in our hearts by faith. Some of that power to usward who believe, that power which raised Christ from the dead is need in this instance. Paul also told the Philippians that above all things he wanted Christ to be magnified in his body, whether by death or by life and that if he died it would be Christ's gain, and if he continued to live and witness, it would be to Christ's gain.

You see, this is all leading up to a future life when God can be all in all. He will be all, since there will then be no other gods before Him. And he can be in all because of the death of the old man and a new creature in resurrection in which He can dwell.

(Reprinted from Truth For Today, Vol. 28, March 1976)