The Word of Truth for Today 10

By Joseph L. Watkins

As we closed out our last article, we were sharing our thoughts and understanding of what we consider to be a "Major Part" of Truth For Today; Divine truth out of God with "You and Me" in view; Divine "Truth" that was given to the man we know as John the Beloved (John 19:26). This John was commissioned of God in John 1:6 and"...testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true." (John 21:24)

John alone became the divinely chosen depository of "The Dispensation of Life." This great "distinctly unique" gospel message was given with this age in view. It is a message concerning the redeeming Messiah of Israel having become the one Saviour of "The Whole World of ManKind." It is a divinely authorized documentation of the authenticity of the messiahship of the Lord Jesus Christ as the one "Son" of the one "Almighty God," the one creator of all that is, both in Heaven and on Earth, even the One Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the World. Amen and Amen.

This message is not addressed to the Jews, nor is it addressed to the Gentiles, as such. It is for "The World" - the whole of mankind. And perhaps even more importantly, it is for every man born of woman. For each one man, woman, or child that can, and that will, believe its message of divine love and its promise, and its hope of a resurrection to life, in a new Earth and a new World that is to come.

This message of "Life in Christ Jesus" is not like any other - for we find no "things" of the flesh being required of the children of faith - the believing ones. Unlike all others, there are found no laws, no ordinances, no traditions, no sabbaths, no feast days, no priesthood, no temple worship - nothing that is to become a part of the believer's Faith Obedience. All such has been taken away in the cross of the Lamb.

The law of Moses, with all its types and shadowy pictures, can find no place in "The Dispensation of Life." The children (teknon) of God in Christ Jesus are here being admonished to worship "in Spirit." Yes, in spirit, as opposed to the flesh and the physical side of man, as was the case under the law, and as is the case under every other life-giving message in the world. Under this message one is being encouraged to worship in "the Spirit of the New Man," and "in Truth" or the True, the Real, as opposed to the unreal types and shadows which were only picturing the Real and the Truth and which can only be found in the True Living Saviour of the World. Today we have the Real and we are to put away the unreal shadows, the unreal feasts, the baptisms, the sabbaths - the law.

Today, we are living in the "now is" hour of John 4:23. ". . . the hour cometh, and NOW IS, when the true worshipersshall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh"such" to worship Him."

This grand and glorious message out of God stands apart from any and all other messages of Holy Scripture concerning the life and salvation that is in Christ Jesus. For no other was given to and for "all" men. It was given for one divine purpose. The Spirit of Truth, leaving no question or uncertainty as to that purpose, declares quite clearly in John 20:31, "... these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have "life" through His name."

Now, it should perhaps be said that right here, Divine Revelation as we have come to know it, does consist of 66 parts from Genesis unto Revelation, and all are out of God and without controversy. The One Spirit of Truth can, if and when He so chooses, use any part of His own word - and for any purpose that He so desires.

However, let us hasten to add - our God and Maker is also all-knowing and all-wise and divinely prudent. Always doing all things right. And He has rightfully given us a "Right" gospel message - unto LIFE.

This Dispensation of Life alone has been Divinely Authored to fully express both His mind and His heart to all peoples of all nations and cultures of the world. This Message alone has been Divinely Authorized to be proclaimed to The Whole World of Mankind, and with this one message in view, He has moved upon every seed of Adam Is race that they may all have "hearing" to hear this one divine message - of LIFE.

We have expressed what we see as the major purpose of John Is gospel. We now want to share another vital part that is also Truth For Today. The "Truth" concerning death - in Adam.

The all-wise "Maker of Man" holds His man in very, very high regard (love agapao), and as "The One Lamb of God" He has taken upon Himself the sin of the world, the sin of every man. However - that great divine work did not impute life to even one man. Life in Christ Jesus can, and will only come through faith - by believing this great gospel message.

As the One Judge of Every Man, He has already determined that all in adam's race must die the death of all flesh - for that creation is forever ruined, that old sick creation must "perish" as the grass of the field, as the sheep they are laid in the grave like any other beast that perish. As a smoke or a cloud, they are gone.