The Word of Truth for Today 22

By Joseph L. Watkins

All Scripture is given by - "Inspiration of God, and- "Is Profitable." Yes, the one Spirit of Truth has given mankind all The Bible, and all of it was given to "profit" all man - not one word of it was intended to be unprofitable, for even one man, - yet, the sad response of man, has been most regrettable, oh, yes a precious few, percentage wise have profited much, some even having received "life" in Christ Jesus, and the sure hope of living in "Resurrection" on the "New Earth", and some men have even gained the Lord's favor and are to rule and reign with Him in The Messianic Kingdom, and some, having answered the Lord's calling unto a position and a portion in the Holy City New Jerusalem have profited greatly.

And some, having "answered" the Lord's calling to that grand position and portion in "The Haven Above Haven", wherein their profitableness is "Immeasurable", both now and evermore.

Now, the calling into both The Kingdom and The City have been suspended for this age, not one man has entered into those hopes since Acts times. However we rejoice in the truth that there are a number of positions still available in "His Calling" unto "The Heaven Above Heaven." In truth, we are working with our Lord, seeking to fill each of these positions, and with each comes a most profitable portion, or inheritance - they are there, just, for the taking - any and all Saints of God, in Christ Jesus, are now being called, or invited to enter into these "Positions" in The Out-Calling, or church which is His Body, and its Heavenly Hope.

We are sorry, yet very anxious, to inform all Saints of God in Christ Jesus, that all invitations to any Jew or to any God fearing Gentile to enter into a hope or any calling that was first given to the one chosen people Israel, have been temporarily withdrawn, as Israel is presently in the state of "Lo-ammi" - not my people, and without that one nation of Israel being His People, there can be "No Gentiles" as such --- all men, all women, all boys, and all girls stand on equal footing, the saved are in Christ Jesus, the unsaved are not in Christ Jesus.

Israel is just one of the many nations of this world, she has no "priority", she has no promise to share with the world, and more importantly, there is no entity, such as "Spiritual Israel." That is all in man's vain and evil imagination.

Yes, even as all Scripture is out of God, and even as all things out of God, are of the utmost importance, yet for His word of truth to be profitable, it must be "rightly divided" or divided rightly. We must first rightly identify each of God' s many messages to mankind, and we must rightly identify the man or the men this message was given for, and we must keep that message whole and holy set apart unto its self, and unto those to whom it was given, never allowing that message to become "mixed in" with any other message out of God.

Without question, the most common, and the most frequent, and the most damaging mixing of any two messages out of God, is the mixing of His message to the People of Israel concerning the "Messianic Kingdom" (the Lord's Parousia) which is to be realized on this present earth, with His message to the saints of God, in Christ Jesus, concerning His Divine Propose of the Ages, which can only to be realized in "The Heaven Above Heaven".

To rightly identify and rightly divide, and rightly "segregate" these two messages we must start by rightly identifying the books, or portions of Holy Writ wherein The Holy Spirit of all Truth has deposited each of these two all important messages.

The first of these two messages that must be "segregated unto its self' is God's word of truth given to that one people Israel, and a few Gentiles in Acts Times that were "grafted in among them" (only to provoke them to jealousy), thus becoming the only people of the nations that were allowed to become a part of Israel's Kingdom, through "The Gospel of The Grace of God." That was all suspended at Acts 28:28, and not one man has enjoyed that honor since that day.

This message out of God has been recorded in the Bible, from Gen. 12:1-5 on until A.D.. 70, covering most of that 2000 year period.

It is the central theme of all 66 books of the so-called Old Testament, with perhaps the book of Job and a few of the Psalms being the only exceptions. And most of the New Testament books also have this message of The Kingdom in view, starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts, the epistles of James, 1 and 2 Peter, 1,2, and 3 John; Jude and Revelation, that only leaves us The Gospel of John, and the 14 letters of Paul. Now most folks make their mistake right here, failing to rightly divide these 14 epistles, when in fact and in truth seven of these epistles have this very same Kingdom in view: Romans, 1 and 2 Cor., 1 and 2 Thess., Galatians and Hebrews. These all were written in Acts Times, and Israel was the one people of God, all hope for "The Coming of Messiah" (His Parousia) rested in that one people "BELIEVING" that Jesus is the true Messiah, they did not, so He did not -- they sinned away their day of grace. They misjudged the truth, and missed out on the Kingdom, but they still will have life in the resurrection, even as all that have a living Faith in God will.