The Word of Truth for Today 27

By Joseph L. Watkins

Yes, the Word of Truth for Today, that is our goal in these papers; always that great message out of God that He has given to the saints of God with this age in view concerning "HIS CALLING" today. That one Word of Truth that can and does make known the Divine Purpose of this Age; even the first goal of all creation, that one goal that is as it has always been, and as it will always be,


That the One Creator of All might be known by the created; that the created one might learn Him; that we might understand and apprehend Him; that each of us might fully comprehend and appropriate Him into our self-being, for without Him, man is just not "all there." Man alone is just incomplete. Even man with a woman is yet undone. A man without God is only a half being; even a man with a woman is still half a being, a man with a woman and a child is but a lesser portion of a greater equation; he is now but one-third of one-half of a complete whole, and even greater is his real need of his Maker.

A man, any man, all men with God, are but a very sorry lot: "...A burnt cake not turned...a dove without a heart..." Hosea 7: 1-11.

A man without God is dead, even as he liveth, a man with God is a life-less image or likeness of Adam, but he is not any likeness of his Maker, and as such must be discarded along with all that is found to be only in Adam, the old creation.

Yes, God is the greatest need of man, and that need can only be met in the knowledge of "The Holy One" Himself (Prov. 9:1 0). The knowledge of "The Holy One" is the understanding we need, for by it we can become what He would have us to be - even the likeness of Him.

However, this aspect of this lesson is but a part of this Truth for Today, for the heart of this great truth concerns the divine purpose of His Calling, even the one purpose of the Church which is His Body - the WHY of the Out-Called of Today.

Yes, the Why of the Body is being given in that one message, and only in that one Word of Truth out of God as recorded in Paul's book. It will be our task and joy to open his "Book" unto our readers in the coming days, even as He wills.

Allow me to share, with you, the end or the climax, the purpose of this message first, for we need the end in view, always.

"Unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God." Eph. 3:1 0

* The manifold wisdom of God - is God.
* The church is the OUT-CALLED saints that comprise His Body.
* Heavenly Places are all creation. Except this planet earth and the world upon it.
* The Principalities and Powers are all of the Creator's created intelligentia.

And it is to be our "JOB" throughout the ages to come to make Him known unto them. We see that our great Creator has many other "Worlds of Beings," and as our loving Maker is the master creator, and as we know that He has many, many unused building lots, it only stands to reason that He is still to have many, more created intelligentia life-forms of living-

Our great Creator is invisible and unknowable to the created, so He came among us, in the form of a man, the man Christ Jesus. He came among our kind to make known His kind, to be the Image of the one invisible God (John 1:1-3; Col. 1:15), in order that we might know Him. And we, the Out-Called of His Body, are to go among His own in the heavenlies, to be "the very likeness of the True Image " - to stand in for Him in order that they might also know Him and be like Him, for to learn and know Him is to be like Him. Think on these things as your read God's Word of Truth in Job 2:1-3.

As we read the divine record of the fall of Lucifer, we learn that the "son of the morning Light" and his becoming Satan as the result of his fall, his sin was his great aspiration to become the likeness or the outward form, the image of or for God. Yes, in the record of the prophet Ezekiel (28:9-19), it is established that "the king of Tyrus," or Satan, had great aspirations and designs on this great position. This was his sin and resulted in his fall. He is said to be -

"The perfect pattern of both created wisdom andbeauty..." where could a more worthy candidate for such a lofty job be found?"

Some men have seen that "the Out-Called which is the Body of Christ" is to fill-up a void left by the fall of Lucifer, but in all truth we know that he could never have held that job, his very aspiring heart alone disqualifies him for such a unique and honored position. The truth is, only the True Image, even the Lord Jesus Christ, could meet such qualifications, and one day He is to take His "rightful place" and be seated on His throne (Col. 3:1-3).

God, Himself, came to this building site in the form of man, thus becoming the One True Image of the One True Deity. He is now creating His Body of Holy Ones to one day become the likeness of that Image, to the end that others may also KNOW HIM, even as HE IS.