Things Most Surely Believed As To - Redemption 6

By Joseph L. Watkins

The Redemption of God in Christ Jesus is the Cap-Stone of All Revelation - Ephesians 1:1 ... to the saints ... and faithing(ones) in Christ Jesus

v .5 ..(He)...pre-appointed us unto sonship byJesus Christ with a view to
             Himself (or to His own desire and purpose)

v.6 ... with a view to extolling (The) Gloryof The Grace of Him

v.7 in Whom we have THE REDEMPTION - (Price) the Blood of Him...
          accordingto the wealth of the Grace of Him

v.10 with a view to (the) dispensation (or the message) the fullness
(or that one which fills up) the season (of revelation) heading-up
           the all (revelation) in Christ

v.11 in Whom also (we as His) acquisition (having been) pre-appointed

v.12 with a view to...the extolling of The GLORYof HIM. (The Glory of
Him = "What He Is, and What He Has, and What He Does" -- with what
He has, because of What He is, and Who He is. This "IS" The Glory of HIM.)

v.12 ...the ones before-hoping (those in Acts Times) in the Christ

v.13 in whom also you (upon) hearing thetruth the gospel, the salvation of you.

v.14 in Whom (you) also (upon) believing (this new message, were) sealed...which
           is (the) earnest (portion) of the (full) inheritance... with a view to
           REDEMPTION of the acquisition, with a view to extolling The GLORY
           of HIM.

Redemption, from man's point of view, has his resurrection to life in view. Redemption of His man from The Creator's point of view has His Age Purpose in view.

The man Adam was created in the likeness of God's Image, Christ Jesus. The sons of Adam are made in the likeness of Adam with a view to being created anew in Christ Jesus, with a view to being - The Image.

The True Image Christ Jesus came to this world that God might be known, for in Him alone can God be known as He so desires to be known, personally and fully, in and through having the very life principle (NeShamah spirit of life) in Christ Jesus. Man alone, of all intelligence creation can know the Creator in this sense, and to this degree. As Christ became the One Image of God, man can become the likeness of that Image - in Christ Jesus.

God is now acquiring a body of called-out believing ones that are to take on the age purpose of The Great Creator of all. That is to make known unto all other intelligence creations of The One Creator, the manifold wisdom of our God, and the many manifold powers of His Glory - What He is, What He has, and What He Does. Now He is invisible, incomprehensible, altogether unknowable, "except" as his own know Him - in Christ Jesus.