Things Most Surely Believed As To - Resurrection

By Joseph L. Watkins

"It is a "Faithful Saying" for if we be dead with Him, we shall also live with Him" 2 Tim. 2:11.

As we have shared our understanding of the truth of God concerning The Reconciliation of All, we have held in view always the truth of The Resurrection of All, in Christ Jesus, for only in Him can be found resurrection's power and authority. And that is the next logical subject in our quest - to know and understand His wonderful "Word of Truth".

However, as we approach that blessed and most honored of all truths, we must first understand "The Law of Identification" with the Lord Christ Jesus, for only when we are identified with Him in this life, and in His death, we will be identified with Him in his 'Resurrection'.

As we are identified with Adam, death is always in view. It is the unchanging result of our being identified with him. And as we are identified with Christ Jesus, in the New Creation, Resurrection on Life is in view, that is of equal certainty.

Even a resurrection both of the just and the unjust, "ALL" that have identification with Christ Jesus. For without this identification, not one seed of Adam's race can experience any resurrection, being alone and on his own.

Always, we must find and rest our understanding in the written Word of Truth. Our first lesson on the subject of Identification is given us in Lev. 16:2l, "Aaron shall lay both his bands upon the head of the live goat,.. and shall send him away - into the wilderness."

Why? This is a picture of full identification. The animal, having received atonement before the Lord, was free to go where he pleased to go, and Aaron with the people were identified with the goat and his new found liberty. However, man cannot make it on his own, no not one of us, for we are all dying, all will soon be gone. For such is the way of all flesh living today - just gone tomorrow - unless, yes, unless one might be identified with the one Saviour of all men, especially the "faithing" ones. If we be dead with Him, or if we have been identified (baptized) unto His death, then, and only then, might we also live with Him in Resurrection.

As Aaron, the priest of the Lord for Israel, was baptized into the scapegoat, so the people for whom he was priest were also baptized (identified) with the scapegoat.

In Col. 2:12, Paul says to those who have been identified with the Christ of God, "Buried with Him in 'Identification' in Whom also ye are risen with HIM."