Things Most Surely Believed As To - Resurrection 2

By Joseph L. Watkins

"Resurrection of The Dead." Yes, The Resurrection is always of the dead. The Holy Scriptures know nothing of man's ideas of the resurrection of the body. Such are Satanic lies concerning the immortality of soul. Our risen Lord Christ Jesus "ONLY" has Immortality: "Who is the King of kings, and Lord of lords,Who only hath immortality, dwelling in ... light which no man can approach unto; Whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to Whom be honour and power."

No other soul, human or otherwise, has Immortality as yet. That can only come in Resurrection, Christ Jesus being the First-Fruit. NO OTHER FRUIT has been harvested as yet.

The One Resurrection "out from the dead" was a real resurrection of a real person, raised to a real life, and as the "First" fruit was All The Harvest. To suggest any other man-made scheme would negate the divine law of the First-Fruit. As my Lord is, so shall I be, and so shall all "Saints" in Christ be. Each in HIS own time, and each in his own order - but all just as the First Fruit - CHRIST JESUS.

For All Resurrection Life is in Him Alone, and as we set forth in our last paper, only that one which is totally "Identified as in Him" in the New Humanity can ever find or experience resurrection. All in the old humanity is just gone.

God created man a body of all the elements of the earth, and Spirit was given to him out of The Lord Christ Jesus (John 1:4). When that life came into that body, Adam became a living soul (Gen. 2:7). It took both parts to make him, the two as One became a living soul - the body without spirit was not soul, and the spirit without body was not soul. It was only as The Great Creator brought the two parts together as One could soul exist. A living man does not have a soul, rather a man "is" soul. At death he is a dead soul.

"... the soul (man) that sinneth, it (he) shall die." Ezek.18:4
"And he that killeth any man (soul #5315 nephesh) shall surely be put to death (executed)."  Lev. 24:17

Should you insist that man consists of three parts, then know that God knows but two. As the two are then made one - to Him that made him he is but one - ONE SOUL.

As a man dies, and all in Adam are dying and will die, the body of dust from the earth returns to Mother Earth, which it is, and the spirit that is life returns to The Father of All Spirits, whose it is. So from earth's view, and from Heaven's view nothing is gained, nothing is lost.

So is "the end" of ALL IN ADAM. Only that ONE found to be in Christ Jesus is to be made alive once more in Resurrection.