Things Most Surely Believed As To - Resurrection 8

By Joseph L. Watkins

This is our eighth paper on the subject of the Resurrections; much more could be written, but as eight is the number of resurrection, or new beginnings, after this we will move on.

The resurrection of His called-out body is a very special one as it is the only resurrection that is to take place in His Heaven. The spirits of dead body members are with Him, and He will have new bodies for each; all will be made to live there. The only
question is, when? and the only answer is:

"When Christ, Who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in Glory" Col. 3:1-3.

I hold in my heart the same hope and the same aspiration that compelled Paul to seek after the Out-Resurrection and the Prize of the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus. Even that Crown of Righteousness which the righteous Judge shall give all that hold in high regard His Appearing. The Scripture is silent beyond this "when" - however, comparing spiritual things with spiritual (I Cor. 2:13) we have a view.

Our great Almighty Creator is invisible to created eyes. As the sons (angels) of God came before Him, Satan being with them (Job 1:6), they heard the voice of the Lord and they saw the Light of His Glory, but that was the extent of their experiencing the Invisible God in His Person.

In the book of The Revelation, we learn of the unveiling of God in the Person of the Son of God. This great unveiling is to take place soon after the great day of Jacob's times of trouble, as recorded in Rev. 2 and 3: "After these things" a voice is heard in heaven, as a sound of a trumpet and a throne was set, or appeared in heaven, perhaps like we have it in the Job account. But this time "ONE" will be seen sitting on the throne. Never before has God Almighty been seen - only as "Light." The One on that throne is Christ Jesus, the One Visible Deity. Now, whether before that day, or at that day, or after that day, this same "One" is to make another appearance; this time as The Head of His Body of Congress; and when He makes this glorious appearance, which I see as before any other such events, then, and not until that hour, we, that chosen number of His Out-Calling which is HIS BODY, is to be resurrected to Life in His Heaven, in Him by His grace, and for His glory.

"In Whom" we will have obtained our inheritance, and more importantly we will have become HIS INHERITANCE according to His Purpose of the Ages, in Christ Jesus. That, unto all the sons of God, the angels, principalities and powers might be known the manifold wisdom of God. That is what God desires to be known by all intelligent creation.