What Do You Seek?


By George Feldman

If a person is risen, then we may infer that he has died and was buried. And in this context we find death mentioned. In verse 20 in the preceding chapter we find that the believer should die with Christ from the rudiments of the world. Now when one is dead, he is free from the law, from ordinances or rules of men, and from any worldly attachments.

And if a person is free from all worldly connections and ties, then he is free to put his affection on things above. And many have found to their sorrow that they could not have both. A division must be made. It may be that many do not seek things that are above where Christ sitteth because they do not realize that Christ is there. To them He may be a hazy historical personage which lived about 1900 years ago, but like the rest of the great men of the world, He is gone. They are not conscious that He is a living Christ seated in the Father's throne, hid from principalities and powers, but to be manifested some day. And further, they have not grasped the great truth that the members of His body will be manifested there with Him.

What are the things that we should seek and which are above? Does not God tell us in Ephesians that the members are blest with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ? We are to seek spiritual blessings in the heavenlies, not physical comforts in the earth.

If so be that you are a believer and belong to the church of the dispensation of the mystery, you have died. But you live, not you, but Christ lives in you. And your life is hid with Christ in God. If that is so, then why be running after the things of the world and the flesh? Can they satisfy one who is a stranger and a pilgrim here, whose citizenship is in the heavenlies?

Come, let us reason together about these things, for we know that God is never unreasonable. It is natural to love the things connected with one's own country or place of citizenship. So it is natural for the believer to put his affection on things above. His trouble is that while he is a pilgrim and in the wilderness journey, he is likely to remember the fare of Egypt and get to lusting after the things of the flesh. But we must forget the things that are behind and press forward to the prize.