Whatever Happened to Adam?

By Jack Eberle

One thing is sure. What happened to Adam was just and decided by God. A few facts will put this question in perspective.

Adam had been greatly blessed by God. Just to have been in His presence and to be able to eat of the tree of life for the time before his wrong choice was great blessing.

Adam saw eight generations of his progeny and died 57 years before Enoch was translated. However, Adam did have the privilege of living as one of Enoch’s contemporaries for 308 years since Enoch was the first man to prophesy for God. Jude 15 indicates that Enoch was especially commissioned to attack ungodliness. Doubtless this was why God had him name his son, Methusaleh, “When he dies, it shall come...” In the beginning verses of Gen. 6, we read about some of the ungodliness that was rampant at the time.

Methuselah lived 969 years, longer than any other man of creation. It is a testimony to God’s longsuffer­ing that He promised judgment on the earth because of their ungodliness and then waited 969 years ‘til He brought the flood.

So some of Adam’s contemporaries were Enoch, Methuselah and his son Lamech. It is inconceivable that these men would not have communicated with Adam about his own ungodliness & the judgement to come.

In Gen. 6, Adam is spoken of directly. God’s Word says that God’s message was delivered to Adam that ...His spirit would not always strive with Adam...” and that “he would give him 120 more years.” Since Enoch was God’s prophet and a contemporary of Adam, it is likely that he was sent to deliver this mes­sage to Adam.

Nonetheless, we have no record of Adam’s repen­tance or changing in any way. After Adam left God’s presence after the fall, there is no comment indicating any regret Adam may have had for his actions. God, in time gave Adam another son – Seth. Still, there is no word of gratitude coming from Adam. No sign of remorse for betraying the best friend he ever had. And REMEMBER – God’s spirit is striving with him. Every time Adam would have seen Methusaleh would have been a reminder to Adam that God WOULD judge unrighteousness.

Hebrews 11 has a line-up of “Heroes of Faith”. It lists those who go into the city which God has pre­pared for them. (Vs. 16)

The first name on the list is Abel. Notice the se­quence, “by Faith...” then “...he was righteous...” Should Adam’s name be next on the list? Instead we find Enoch. Verse 5, “By faith Enoch was trans­lated that he should not see death...for before his translation he had THIS testimony, that HE PLEASED GOD.”

Where is Adam’s name? Will Adam eat of the Tree of Life again? (Rev. 22)