E.W. Bullinger - A Biography


E.W. Bullinger - A Biography

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By Juanita Carey

Book Review by Robert Guenther
This is a work that was long overdue, it gives some credit and background information on a man whose life was devoted to the service of God.

After reading many of Dr. Bullinger's books, Mrs. Carey became interested in finding out more about his personal life. She traveled to Great Britain in 1983 to begin her search for some facts about this unique man. She discovered that the task before her was going to be very difficult because time seemed to have forgotten him. She spent five years gathering facts from libraries, record offices, letters and interviews. Among those interviewed was Bullinger's granddaughter, Dorothy Bullinger Fielder. She provided personal accounts, letters and documents which are expertly weaved into the pages of this book. Mrs. Carey’s style is an easy to follow, chronological account of people, places, and events that shaped the life of this very intelligent and musically talented servant of the Lord.

Ethelbert William Bullinger was born in Canterbury, England, on December 15th, 1837. He was reared in a home that was influenced the very strongly by the Wesleyan Methodist Doctrine and the strong moral code of the Victorian Era. These two facts seem to have affected his godly values the most. Bible study, religious service, and music were part of his everyday life. His unique gift for music allowed him to receive an education at King's College that he otherwise would not have been able to obtain. He had a fine tenor singing voice, became a church organist, and had the ability to write music.

Dr. Bullinger produced many books such as the Lexicon and Concordance to the English New Testament, plus notes and appendices to the Companion Bible. Under the heading of religious service, we find that he served as a minister, Secretary of the Trinitarian Bible Society, and founder of the magazine,” Things To Come.”

In regard to Dr. Bullinger’s personal life, he married Emma Dodson at the age of 23, and together they had two sons. One person who had become very important in his life was his niece, Elizabeth, with whom, in his later years, he made his home. It was there that he fell asleep in the Lord, June 6th, 1913, at the age of 75. His wife and sons preceded him in death.

It is incredible, and hard for us to understand, how one man could accomplish so much in one lifetime, yet we know that God will give us the grace to do those things that he has for us to do. From these pages we can walk along through the life of this humble servant of the Lord.