Number In Scripture


Number In Scripture

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By E.W. Bullinger

Book Review by Robert Guenther
Most often when we study God's Word we either read a chapter or verse or study the usage and definition of the actual words in the Bible. Yet there is another way to view these divinely inspired words and that is to recognize their significance as being actual numbers. In the Hebrew and Greek each letter has a numerical value, and as these letters form a word it takes a new meaning. This book discusses the design and significance of these numbers.

The creation of the heavens and things on the earth have been fashioned in such a perfect way that man could have used them to tell the time or seasons. Even though man misuses these gifts and tries to interpret the things in God's creation for his own benefit, it does not change that perfect arrangement of the Designer. We discovered that the animal and vegetable kingdom, chemistry, music, and colors were each created with 7 parts. The 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 36 constellations (3x12) display the governmental perfection in the heavens. After we see the use of numbers in the design of creation, the next step is to see the significance of numbers used in the Scriptures.

The law that we see applied in the Bible is that the Holy Spirit will place special emphasis on certain words by the number of times He uses them. These words can either be the squared, cubed or multiple of seven or eleven. Our author suggests that there are 4 perfect numbers, 3, 7, 10, and 12. The number 3 is used for divine perfection, 7 for spiritual perfection, 10 for ordinal perfection, and finally, the number 12 for governmental perfection. If we multiply the four perfect numbers together, 3x7x10x12 = 2520. This final number equals chronological perfection.

The second part of the book explains the spiritual significance of numbers used by God and His Word. Dr. Bullinger proceeds to give a list of each number from 1 - 666 and gives us new insight into how these are used in relationship to these laws. The use of letters or figures in the Hebrew and Greek alphabets were also used for numbers. These facts open up many hidden truths when we add up the figures in the words used by giving them these numerical values. Space does not allow me to prove this point as there are 27 letter in each of these alphabets with numerical values from 1 - 900. The name Jesus, for example, adds up to 888 which is the number of resurrection.

In conclusion, we find that God is a God of order. The use of numbers proves this very point.