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This Prophecy

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By Charles H. Welch

Book Review by Robert Guenther
In these troubled times, have you ever desired to know what the future holds for not only us, but for God’s chosen people, Israel?

This Prophesy is an exposition of The Revelation, the last book of the N. T. We cannot find our future or hope for the body of Christ in this work, but we can learn a great deal about Israel’s hope, and what will happen to those who will be alive when the Son of Man returns to establish His kingdom on the earth. Mr. Welch refers to Dr. Bullinger’s book, Commentary on Revelation, for his use of structures, interpretation and comments, but found liberty to differ with some of his explanations. The book of Revelation is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand with all of its signs and symbols, and so we feel that no one author has all the answers.

Other writers have given their interoperation of these symbols and have even suggested that the things spoken of by God about the future have already taken place. Mr. Welch brings out the best way to interpret Revelation is to compare some of the 280 O.T. references to those found in the last book of the Bible. These symbols are referred to as mysteries, and the truth is still hidden from those who do not have eyes to see the truth.

Some of these symbols and their meanings are as follows:

1.      Seven stars = angels of seven churches which are in Asia.
2.     Seven candlesticks = seven churches in which the names are given.
3.     Number of the beast = 666
4.     Dragon = that old serpent which is the devil and Satan.
5.     The woman = the great city, Babylon.

Mr. Welch suggests that we should look up the scriptural references for ourselves and not take his word for the correct interpretation of these symbols. The book of Revelation and the visions that John received from the Lord, reveal Israel’s future when the Lord returns the second time to judge the earth.

Another point Mr. Welch brings out is the fact that anyone adds to, or subtracts from the prophecies given in the book of Revelation, a curse will be given unto them. This strong warning ought to make us very careful as we study and try to understand Revelation.

I believe This Prophecy explains plainly God’s future plans for Israel, and Mr. Welch takes great care to let the Bible interpret itself. We should follow the principle of right division as we seek to know what God’s future plans are for us, and not claim Israel’s promises for ourselves.