Truth For Today - Reprints Book 1-5


Truth For Today - Reprints Book 1-5

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TFT publication reprints. Hardcovers are sold as a set or individually.  
Only Book 1 is available in paperback.   
Spanning from July 1948 - April 1999.
Book 1: July 1948 - July 1956
Book 2: August 1956 - July 1964
Book 3: August 1964 - July 1975
Book 4: Sept. 1975 - April 1987
Book 5: May 1987 - April 1999 

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Articles by various authors

Book 1:  Book Review by Robert Guenther
If you were to browse through the book room at the Truth For Today headquarters in Lafayette, you would find many books by various authors that we have considered before in this column. Books by Dr. E. W. Bullinger, Charles H. Welch, and Stuart Allen line most of the shelf space available. There is, however, one tan-colored book near the bottom shelf that represents the single work that we offer by Mr. Oscar M. Baker. This book, entitled Truth For Today Volumes 1-8, is really a collection of reprinted issues of T-F-T bound in one volume that covers the first eight years of the life of this little paper.

These early issues of T-F-T, dating from July 1948 to August 1956, has been out of print for some time. So, a small group of Mr. Baker’s close friends got together and financed this publication so that these truths would not be lost. Hopefully, subsequent bound volumes will be offered in the future as funds become available.

Mr. Baker was a teacher, a farmer, and a scholar who dedicated most of his life to the study of God’s Word. Along with his loving wife Mae, he began a 40-year quest to share with others the truths they had come to know concerning the writings of the Apostle Paul and the revelation of the mystery (Eph. 3:9). Their ministry included a radio program, home bible studies and the printing of small, but very significant, paper called Truth For Today. Later, they added a corresponding course and Bible conferences to their agenda. Many more of the details that surrounded the lives of these two blessed saints are revealed to you as you thumb through this treasured volume of Truth For Today.

Each issue of the older papers contained truth laid out in the same familiar fashion as they are today. These different articles can best be described in this way:

Front Page – Dispensational: applying the principle of rightly dividing the Word of Truth. II Tim. 2:15, Acts 28:28.

Center – Doctrinal: practical teaching concerning our daily walk before the Lord, with rewards in view for faithful living. Philippians. 3:14, Col. 3:24.

Back Page – Editor’s Desk: personal column devoted to upcoming meetings, financial contributions, news about his farm, as well as other secular work that was done to support his family.

Even though this last section is outdated, I am sure that you will enjoy reading about some of the history and personal experiences of our former editor. Don’t miss out on what could be a real spiritual blessing.