Word Studies on the Holy Spirit


Word Studies on the Holy Spirit


Also known as "The Giver and His Gifts"

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By E.W. Bullinger

Book Review by Robert Guenther
Who is the Holy Spirit and what kind of works does He perform? Dr. Bullinger gives us his solutions to these questions by using two methods. First, he gives a verse by verse exposition of each place where the word spirit (puema) is used. By doing this we can determine when the word pneuma should be rendered Spirit (Holy Spirit himself) or spirit without the capital letter. Much confusion has resulted from the translators supplying the definite article and then capitalizing the word spirit, thus concluding for us that the Holy Spirit Himself was meant. The second method is a list of fourteen different usages of the word spirit in the New Testament.

1.   For God Himself (Deity) – John 4:24
2.   For Christ the life-giving Spirit – I Corinthians 15:14
3.   For the Holy Spirit –Acts 5:3
4.   For operations produced by the Holy Spirit – John 3:6
5.   Used of the new nature – Romans 8:4
6.   Used of man – Acts 7:59
7.   Used of character – II Timothy 1:17
8.   Used of other invisible characteristics, feelings, or desires – Matthew 26:4
9.   Used of man by future synecdoche. A part for the whole – Luke 1:47
10.  Used as an adverb – Romans 12:11
11.   Used of angels or spirit beings – Hebrews 1:7
12.  Used of evil angels – Matthew 8:16
13.  Used of the resurrection body – Luke 24:39
14.  Used with the word “holy” – Acts 1:5

By careful consideration of the context and by using the second key of understanding Dr. Bullinger gives us, we can determine the proper use and usages of the word pneuma.

Who is the Holy Spirit? He is the spirit of God, not a separate person, but God Himself in spirit form – invisible and omnipresent. He can be known objectively in Christ and subjectively within us by realizing His presence there. What kind of work does the Holy Spirit perform? He works in us to lead us to God. He gives gifts unto men in different dispensations to bring others to a fuller knowledge of God.

Space does not allow us to mention all of the different kinds of work that the Spirit performs, but you will have the keys to understanding to find the correct answers by studying and using the rules given in Word Studies on the Holy Spirit.