by Oscar M. Baker
    At the sound of the last of the seven trumpets in Rev. 11:15 the Lord takes over the kingdoms of this world and they become His.

by Joseph L. Watkins
    The Lord was alone with His disciples and He had been praying for some time. Turning to them He asked a very provocative question, “Whom say the people that I am?”

by Joesph L. Watkins.
“Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh.” I Tim. 3:16.

Be not Ashamed (2 Tim.1:8-18)   The opening section of this Epistle deals mainly with the sad fact that Paul and his message had been forsaken...

by Jack Eberle
There are a lot of reasons folks will turn to the Scriptures. More often than not, they will “learn” from Scriptures...

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