by Oscar M. Baker (originally published March 1951)
     Death is not the result of sins, an UNTIMELY death can be caused by sins. It may either be by the ruin of health by sins against the body, or it can be an untimely death executed by a state which has been outraged by one’s sins.

by Oscar M. Baker
Just why should anyone study the Bible today? Is it not a little old and out of date for us?

by Barnabas Bagby
“Having predestinated (Gr. = proorizo, marked off beforehand) us unto the adoption of children (Gr. =huiothesia, sonship) by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,” (Eph 1:5)

by Robert E. Guenther
Continuing our review of the Gospel of John, Chapter 11:31-40. Our Lord is using the death of Lazarus to help Mary and Martha understand questions they had concerning resurrection.

by Jack Eberle
You probably know the rest of the line, “sheep have gone astray...” It is found in Isaiah 53:6.

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