Knit Together - The name comes from Colossians 2:19 "And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together , increaseth with the increase of God."    

We are all knit together by the knowledge we share of The Mystery given to the apostle Paul after Acts 28:28. And being knit together we wanted to use this page to update our readers of the things concerning the members of the Body of Christ. 

TFT WEST BIBLE CONFERENCE - November 3-5, 2017

Tony McCurry from Anderson, SC was the opening speaker of the Conference Friday evening. He spoke on, "Edifying of Itself in Love", Eph. 4:16. It was lesson 6 from his Series, "Fruit of the Spirit" which he has been giving on Paltalk, Tuesday p.m., when his turn to speak. He expounded on Eph. 4: 9-16 for this lesson with emphasis on, edifying body members. Also, other aspects given concerning, "Fruit of the Spirit", as the walk-life of the believer with such instructions as given in Eph. 5:8-10.

David Garrick from Lady Lake, FL concluded the Friday evening program with his talk on "Considerations". In his introduction he considered briefly: The Companion Bible, Denominations, Bible Changes & Error. Then he launched into the main part of his lesson: "Women [in the Bible] A Study For Consideration". This was started with an interesting reference on the subject from Gen. 5: 2, "...and called their name Adam...". Ended his message with women in Paul's 14 Epistles, giving numerous Scriptures in between. He stressed such note-worthy statements as, "You can't simplify God's Word -- you need to dig down for the treasure in it".

Barnabas Bagby started the long Saturday list of 5 speakers. His message: "Creation in Scripture - Visible and Invisible". He spoke first from the following chart entitled, "6 Creations in Scripture", the points being:
1.) Gen. 1:1, Heaven and Earth.
2.) Gen. 1:3 - 2:25, Restoration/preparation of earth for man.
3.) 2 Cor. 5:17, "...all in Christ".
4.) Eph. 2:10; 2:15; 3:9; 4:24; Col. 1:13-25; new man, the perfect man (husband). No sin.
5.) Isa. 65:17, " heavens and a new earth...” Israel's hope (still sin).
6.) Rev. 21:1 & 2" heaven and a new earth..." New Jerusalem out of heaven, no sin.
Much more given in this lesson; and Barnabas has been continuing this "Creation" Series on his Sunday a.m. Paltalk program.

Wayne Stewart from Norman, OK next on the agenda of speakers, gave this intriguing title to his message: Election, "to be"...OR "not to be...” 
     He started with election in relation to our calling. Eph. 1:1 - enter Paul from prison, and posed these two important questions: What is God's will for us today? and Why is this important? Much was given in our hope and calling to answer these. Israel's elective purposes related, bringing in Acts 28:27, being an elective idea. But Israel did not hear HIM -- now are judged and Gentiles will hear HIM, Acts 28:28. Those "not to be" in an election taken up in his 2nd message given Sunday a.m. of the Conference.

Mike Mecikalski from Boscobel, WI was the first speaker of the Saturday afternoon session. He spoke on the importance of the Koine Greek -- common Greek -- the Greek of the people -- the language of the New Testament! He gave a lot of important biblical dates and their significance leading up to the N.T. and Christ's first coming. With the use of a large map he brought out world history, eventually culminating in the Greek influence through Alexander the Great. Pertaining to our hope and calling, the beautiful and important meaning of the Greek, 'ton hagion', was expounded -- which can mean, "heavens holiest of all" as in Col. 1:12 (cp. Heb. 9:8 & Eph. 1:18) "in the Shekinah Glory Light". (cp John 1:14).

Alan Naas from Westfield, IN started off with his testimony. Raised a Catholic, but a study of its history caused him to leave that church. Then 2 Tim. 2:15 opened the treasures of Paul's 2 ministries. And like Paul he changed twice -- from Catholic to Protestant, and again changed to the church which is His body. His message: "The Rudiments Of The World", with key text Col. 2:8 - a warning, "Beware...the rudiments of the world", and Col. 2:20, "...dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world." Rudiments = things that originate in the World such as: Philosophy, Tradition, Customs, Holidays, Education, Government, Currency, and Electronics. Some conclusions were: Church which is His body is not a Christian denomination or a religion, it is a spiritual body of believers who seek the truth of God's word; an invisible church, a spiritual body with Christ as the Head.

Young body member, but able conference speaker, Stefan Janhunen from Waterloo, Ont. Canada, completed the Saturday Conference program with an informative and interesting message on "Baptism". Opening question, 'How would it change when the Cross came to mind - when baptism mentioned?' Another question, 'John the baptist - did water baptism start with him?' Answer NO, "washings" and tabernacle "figure of" mentioned in Heb. 9:9 & 10. It was a part of a Priest's ordination! Then he took us back to some O.T. history on baptism - very thorough with much detail. Re: N.T. baptism, points given as baptism of Christ; Paul on baptism (1 Cor. 1:17); baptized into Christ (Gal. 3:27); baptized into His death (Rm. 6:3). And much more given by Stefan, whose youthful spirit we all love and wife Hannah's, who gave an interesting object lesson at the end of her husband's message, to illustrate one of his points!!

Sunday - closing day of the Conference, we were blessed by yet two more wonderful messages in His Word rightly divided.
Wayne Stewart continued his Saturday message theme on "Election...” He gave quick review on his last study, and gave more detail in this one. Election has to do with a people within a particular saved group - key text, Eph. 1:4. In Christ, a people that have come through Acts 28:28, and a re-adjustment to a new hope. 'Would it be surprising', he asked, why more people are NOT in Christ today seeing this truth?' 'Well', he said, 'they are not in this election which sets boundaries!'
   More given as in Eph. 3:10 and how this purpose is worked out. God's purpose, that is, v. 15, "every family" - there are different groups - 'of which group are you?'

Concluding the Conference was speaker Ronnie McCurry from West Union, SC. He is now the new director of the TFT Ministry which recently moved to SC. So in that capacity he gave an update on the Ministry's progress there, since the big move from Lafayette, IN. His message: "Resurrection Ramblings", and started by making use of a big chart entitled, “Acts 28:28 Before and After". An opening stirring question - 'What's the point of it all without resurrection?'
     And as late as 2 Tim. 2:15-19, Paul is still having to deal with serious error arising about resurrection! As some, "saying that the resurrection is past already" (v. 18) - a very serious issue as caused, "overthrow [of] faith of some." Hence to combat this error, v. 15 given, "rightly dividing the Word of truth" is the answer! Many more important truths given in this lesson, all which can be heard, along with audios of all the speakers’ messages: at
      (Conference summation by Janet McWilliams)
Audios of all of these lessons are available at

In Remembrance of Charlene Anglin
It was with a heavy heart that we learned of the loss of our dear Charlene Anglin this past December 14th, 2017 to a stroke. With her health failing, Charlene spent the last few months of her life living with her daughter Trena in Oklahoma while continuing through her phone ministry to spread that upbeat brand of joy and hope she was so good at sharing. Trena also shared with us the fact that the last note in Charlene’s notebook was of the heavenlies, regarding her calling and that she started every day in the Psalms, one of her favorite verses being
     Psalms 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God...”
     My own experiences of fellowshipping with Charlene at conferences are some of my most precious memories, and though we will miss her in this life we take joy in the fact that her hope is sealed in Christ as part of HIS body, to be manifested with HIM when He appears in Glory. Be still, and rest in peace our beloved sister!     Ronnie McCurry 

In Remembrance of Bobbie Ann McCurry
It is with a very heavy heart that our first Knit Together is a remembrance of our fellow saint, Bobbie Ann McCurry. Bobbie Ann is the wife of Cecil and the mother of Ronnie McCurry. She fell asleep in Christ on May 24, 2017.
   Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of being in the same bible study group as Ann. We were a “home group” way before home groups were cool! We would meet at each other’s homes and with studies led by Ann’s husband Cecil or her son Ronnie, I have had an opportunity to learn God’s Word, rightly divided. Ann has been blessed to live most of her life with one of the best Bible teachers around.
   Ann knew that she in and of herself was not immortal. And she knew this from the Word of God that she read and studied. 1 Timothy 6:13 - 16.
   Ann died looking for this blessed appearing of Christ and thus she will be there in glory to appear with Him. And not only will Ann just appear, but she will be smiling her million dollar smile with her crown of righteousness because of the love she had for Christ. 2 Timothy 4:8
   Ann lived her life with faith. By faith she hoped for things that she didn’t have the evidence of while here on earth. She gained this faith not of man or men’s religion. She got her faith from hearing the word of God.
   As it says in Romans 4 that Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.
  Just as Abraham did, Ann heard the word of God. Ann believed God and it has been counted unto her for righteousness.  
           Chip Winchester - Please visit  for more info.

The 57th Annual TFT Conference  - The conference was held for the first time in West Union, SC from June 2nd to 4th, 2017. The conference was hosted by Ronnie and Lori McCurry with help from all of the South Carolina saints. Twelve speakers came from around the country and even one from England.

Michael Garstang opened the conference on Friday night. He is the Chapel Minister at The Chapel of the Opened Book, London, England, and Editor of THE BEREAN EXPOSITOR. Michael's opening words were, "The privilege is all mine to be invited here!" After the reading of Ephesians 1:1 - 12, he expounded on, The Will of the Father (Eph. 1:1 - 6); The Work of the Son (Eph. 1:7 - 12); and The Witness of the Spirit (Eph. 1:13,14)

Tony McCurry of Anderson, SC completed Friday evening. His message: "Fruit Of The Light" (Eph. 5:9), "For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth." Phos = light (underived and absolute) the opposite of darkness. Used therefore specially of God. The fruit of a plant is the finished product of what has been nurtured through the root with all the nutrients that produces the fruit. "God's Word may be likened to a 'root'."

Saturday June 3rd started with Barney Bagby of Phoenix, AZ. His message was on, 'a ministry in which we've been made worthy' -- "of the inheritance in the holies in [the] light." (Col. 1:12). He continued with text, Gen. 32:10, of which he said, "every believer included in this verse." "I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth which Thou hast shewed unto Thy servant... ” To this was compared some truth Paul shown in his former Acts ministry. NOW Paul is giving WORDS never heard before -- giving a brand new message. Then in his last 3 letters encouraging believers not to leave THE Faith. And in 2 Tim. 1:11,12, "Keep that deposit", and v. 13, "hold fast the pattern of sound words."

Roger Dillman from Logansport, IN was second of the Saturday a.m. speakers. His message was, "The Hearing Ear, The Seeing Eye, and The Understanding Mind". Opening text, Proverbs 20:12, "The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made them both." Only by God's grace: "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." And we hear God's Word only in the new nature. Isaiah prophecy in 6:9 - 10 noted 'hearing', 'seeing' and 'understanding'. The Holy Spirit is the One Who give this understanding. But the natural man cannot hear "Spiritual Sounds' for it is a gift of God to understand the Word of God.

Michal Garstang graciously accepted to take the place of Pete Redmon, who was to be the third Sat. a.m. speaker. Michael favored us with another good message which was on Ephesians Chapter 2, as being a Chapter of 2 halves. And likened it to the game of Soccer [a very popular game in England], which he said is also a game of 2 halves. So the first half of Eph. 2 he gave as verses 1 - 10, and the 2nd half verses 11 - 22. In the first half we are objects of His grace, and in the second is the education part, -- the 'nitty-gritty' part.

Tony Lopez, from Norwalk, CT was the last morning speaker before lunch. The body of his message started in Rev. 12. Attacks always upon the Word, but not anything new. Here in Rev. 12:10, we find the culmination -- the accuser of the brethren is cast down - - started back in Gen. 3 with the accuser in the garden. In Gen 3:15 regarding state between good and evil, to be resolved in Revelation. We also have to understand we have a conflict from way back. We have, 'enmity'. Eph. 6 -- we are told to stand in the evil day, but conflict comes to an end when we realize benefits of our hope and calling. SO remember the conflict has existed, and if we allow the flesh to dictate our circumstances we can expect conflict!

Mike Mecikalski resumed conference being the first of the Saturday afternoon speakers. His message was on "Suffering Saints". He spoke on why there is suffering, why is it allowed and how might God use it in our life. He made an analogy of our life being an inflatable ball filled with “self” molecules. The Lord crushes and squeezes the “self” molecules fills them back with Himself. Then the Lord can truly use us for His will.

Bob Guenther was the second speaker Saturday afternoon. Bob gave a message emphasizing “Unity" and ”Peace" in Paul's Post Acts Epistles. Unity in Eph. 4:3, "to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace," -- 7 things in vs. 4 - 6. Positive side an encouragement in Eph. 4:4 - 7. He's giving rules here. Ph'p. 4:7 - 13, vs. 7 (if you lose peace, it's a sad thing) and the peace of vs. 7 shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Then THINK! THINK! THINK! on these things in Ph'p. 4:8, and don't spend time on ME! ME! ME! Ending with Eph. 4, to keep the Unity -- keep and guard it; Eph. 4:9 & 10 - 13, "...unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."

Third speaker on the Saturday afternoon program was David Garrick from Leesburg, FL. His message was entitled, "HID", and his opening Scripture we should all memorize -- "Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee," (Psalm 119:11). Then gave fact that there are 5 words 'hidden' in book of Esther. He made brief reference to words 'mysteries' and 'mystery' in N.T. Back to O.T. references to 'hid' in several books and the MYSTERY hid in God in the N.T. David concluded with testimony as to how he came into Mystery Truth with these final words, "Love our Lord and our position."

Cecil McCurry was the last afternoon speaker. His topic, "The man under the tree, the man up a tree, and the Man on the tree". The man under the fig tree was Nathanael, see John 1:45 - 51 on which he expounded starting in John 1:35. Then the man up a tree is Zacchaeus in Lk. 19: 1 - 10. And, of course, the Man on the tree -- CHRIST!

Sunday morning, June 4th, brought Wayne Stewart as a new speaker to us. He has attended past conferences after moving to Norman, OK from New Zealand a few years ago. His message entitled, "Re-adjusted Perfection". He made biblical comparisons as: King George (supreme) -- Britain (Divorced) -- We the People, as compared to, Acts (economy) -- Israel divorced (Acts 28:29) -- People (supreme). Made these further comparisons: Two types of perfection -- To be a perfect man in America you need to be: 
A.) Readjusted and B.) Learn responsibility and privileges of liberty under the Constitution. Compare -- on Hebrew 12 and where it comes, note that a beautiful account of perfection goes on before it. Then in Heb. 12:1, ”run with patience the race...", vs. 2, "Looking unto Jesus the Author..."the great example of running the race -- the Perfector -- going all the way to the end. "Set My face like a flint" (Isaiah 50:7), UNMOVEABLE!  Wayne ended his message with our calling: Eph. 4:12 -- Adjusted first then perfected unto a perfect man -- we are keepers of the unity.

Ronnie McCurry concluded the Conference, and a fine job he did in coordinating all aspects of it! Ronnie's message was on Ph'p. 3, reading from 3:1 - 14. He concluded his message with a fitting close to the Conference, "Five Points Concerning our Hope".  1.) A specific day: Day of Christ 2.) A specific event: His appearing. 3.) A specific location: Heavenly Places. 4.) A specific relationship. 5.) A specific resurrection.
       Written by Jan McWilliams-
Audios of all of these lessons are available at