Dispensational Outline of the Books of the New Testament

I. KINGDOM OFFERED.  Time; From ministry of John at Jordan to Calvary.
    A. MATTHEW. Christ as King.
    B. MARK. Christ as Servant.
    C. LUKE. Christ as Man.
        1. John, "Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
        2. Christ, "Repent; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
        3. The 12, "The kingdom of heaven is at hand."
        4. The 70, "The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you."

II. KINGDOM RE-OFFERED.  Time, From Calvary to Acts 28:28. 
    *THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES*  The re-offer was in answer to the prayer on 
      Calvary.  Christ raised to sit on the throne of David.  The re-offer was ended 
       because, "He came unto His own and His own received Him not." 
    A. EPISTLES written by the apostles to the Circumcision. (To Jews only). 
        1. JAMES.  Works as the outcome of faith. 
        2. 1 PETER.  Suffering and glory. 
        3. 2 PETER.  Prophecy and the Day of the Lord. 
        4. 1 JOHN.  Fellowship. 
        5. 2 JOHN.  The truth. 
        6. 3 JOHN.  Christian hospitality. 
        7. JUDE.  Apostasy. 
    B. EPISTLES written by the apostle to the Uncircumcision(Both Jew and Gentile). 
        The Gentile grafted in.  Middle wall still up. 
        1. ROMANS.  Justification by faith. 
        2. 1 CORINTHIANS.  Carnality and spiritual things. 
        3. 2 CORINTHIANS.  Ministry and comfort. 
        4. GALATIANS.  The cross of Christ. 
        5. 1 THESSALONIANS.  The coming (parousia). 
        6. 2 THESSALONIANS.  The revelation (apokalupsis) from heaven. 
        7. HEBREWS.  Christ as High Priest.

III. KINGDOM HELD IN ABEYANCE.  Time, From Acts 28:28 to Lord's Day. 
    Israel wholly blinded and Lo Ammi (not My people).  Salvation sent to the Gentiles. 
    They hear it and preach it. 
        Jewish rituals and ordinances discontinued.  No repentance.  Faith only required. 
        1. JOHN.  Christ as God. 
        To Gentiles.  To the only group having a hope of going to heaven. Its truth not 
        found in Moses and the Prophets, nor in the ministries of Christ and the 12. 
        1. EPHESIANS.  In Christ.  Blessings and walk. 
        2. PHILIPPIANS.  Christ within.  Prize of the high calling. 
        3. COLOSSIANS.  Complete in Him.  Christ as Head
        4. 1 TIMOTHY.  Doctrine and godliness (God-likeness). 
        5. 2 TIMOTHY.  The crown.  These last days. 
        6. TITUS.  Soundness.  Hope (epiphaneia). 
        7. PHILEMON.  Christian forgiveness.

IV. KINGDOM ACCEPTED.  The Day of the Lord. 
    Time, From Israel's repentance to deliverance of the kingdom to the Father. 
    Promise of life fulfilled.  Ends in New Heavens and New Earth in which dwelleth righteousness. 
    A. THE REVELATION.  Coming King and kingdom revealed (apokalupsis).